Our hard-working body always deserves some TLC and a luxurious soak. Our body products love your boobs, tum, pegs and buns in equal measure. So enjoy a guilt-free nose at our invigorating body washes and scrubs, and legendary Body Butters – Mango Body Butter was the original, and has a bit of a special place in our hearts. Got time for a longer body care session? Get stuck into home spa treatments with our ultra-indulgent Spa of the World™ collection, or soak it up in some bath treats – we love our Almond Milk & Honey Shower Cream to leave skin feeling softer and soothed. Instead of fresh rose petals in your bath – a bit messy, to be honest – there’s always the British Rose body care range to leave you smelling like a bouquet. Your skin will slurp it up and your body will say, ahhh, thank you.

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The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel on bathroom tiles

Shower Gels

Scrub head-to-toe with our range of body washes and shower gels for your most satisfying clean-feeling yet.

The Body Shop soap in a soap dish


Not all soap bars are equal, our bars are enriched with nature-inspired ingredients. If you’re team soap, we’ve got your back.

Woman applying The Body Shop Almond Scrub

Body Scrubs

Scrub yourself happy with our range of body scrubs. Whether you’re after a little luxury or deep exfoliation, we’ve got you covered.

Woman using The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter

Body Moisturizers

Skin feeling dry and dehydrated? Take action with our range of body moisturizers.

The Body Shop Bath Foam range

Bath bombs & bubbles

Lights off, candles and a bubbling bath – sounds like the perfect way to unwind. Discover our luxurious bath treats.

The Body Shop Spa Hand Wash on bathroom sink

Hand Wash

Wave goodbye to grubby hands with our range of hand washes and hand soaps.

Person applying The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

Hand Moisturizers

Hard working hands need some hard working TLC. We’ve got you covered, shop our hand moisturizers range.

Woman applying moisturiser to her arm

Nail Products

Our range of nail care products will keep your nails and hands looking in tip-top condition. Hello, happy hands.

Person scooping The Body Shop Hemp foot protector

Foot Care

Treat your feet to some TLC with our refreshing foot care range, filled with lovely little scrubs, soaks and creams.

Woman using foot file

Accessories & Tools

For those 'me time' occasions look to our range of accessories and tools. Self-care time, sorted.

Woman applying The Body Shop Body Yoghurt to her legs

Vegan Body Care

Looking for vegan body care products? We have everything you need for your way of life.

Woman scooping The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter from tub

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Our bath and body care range is here to help your skin look and feel healthier. Shop all body products.