We’re better when we care together

At The Body Shop we believe that acts of kindness keep spirits bright during uncertain times. We’ve been so inspired by the kindness we’re seeing from our community and colleagues across the globe that we wanted to share some of the ways we’ve been thanking health heroes with you.


As so often when we are faced with unprecedented challenges, brilliant, selfless people do astonishing things to help us all, often putting themselves at risk so that the rest of us can be as safe, healthy and secure as possible.

That is why, across North America, our US and Canadian teams banded together to partner with local shelters and senior communities to donate 30,000 units of cleansing products. Donated products included hand wash and soap.

We really hope this little act of kindness will help provide these wonderful people even the smallest amount of time to care for themselves when they are spending so much time caring for others. And to know that we really do appreciate the amazing work they are doing for us all.

We believe that self-care has never been so important, because it’s easier to be kinder to others when you are kind to yourself. That’s why we recently kicked off our #TimeToCare initiative, offering tips and advice on how to look after your mind and body, as well as care bundles to give yourself and send to others. Because we are all better when we care, and we care together.

At The Body Shop we will continue to search for ways to support key workers and local communities throughout this crisis.

Please keep safe and remember to be kind to, and respect, those around you… and to care for yourself at this difficult time.


Take a moment to self-care or show other's you are thinking of them.