Our beauty advent calendars are lovingly designed to make you feel good AND do good for 25 days. Be a game-changer this Holiday by completing a positive action that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling during the countdown to the big day.
Don’t have one of our calendars? Play along online! Simply scroll over each task to reveal which day to get involved.

  • 1. Smile at the first person you see today

  • 2. Clean up your act by picking up a piece of litter

  • 3. Compliment five people, it’ll make their day

  • 4. Family time! Spend an hour with a relative today

  • 5. Kindness starts within. List five things that make you special

  • 6. Hug it out with three people today

  • 7. Let it grow. Enrich the planet by planting some flowers

  • 8. Give someone a hand by holding the door open for them

  • 9. It’s chilly outside, treat someone to a hot drink

  • 10. Make someone chuckle by telling a joke

  • 11. Recycle your empties with our upcycling tutorials

  • 12. Save energy by unplugging anything you’re not using

  • 13. Donate & feel great. Take some clothes to a charity shop today

  • 14. Save water, cut your shower time in half today

  • 15. Like someone? Leave a nice comment on social media

  • 16. Put pen to paper & write someone a thank you note

  • 17. Keep it real by turning your phone off for an hour

  • 18. After you! Let someone ahead of you on line

  • 19. Offer to walk a friend’s dog (paws for reaction)

  • 20. Make storytime special by reading to a child

  • 21. Throw back Thursday – post a Christmas pic of you as a child.

  • 22. Help someone unwind by giving them a hand massage

  • 23. Keep nature feeling chirpy by feeding the birds

  • 24. Play it forward & give your surprise gift away

  • 25. Share a video of your friends singing a festive song

Together with International Alert, we're helping Syrian refugee children be children again

Every gift you buy from our seasonal collections at The Body Shop this Holiday helps support the Peace Play Project in Lebanon, which provides play and activities in a safe place for refugee children