How to use a cleanser

How to use a cleanser? Sounds a bit simple for all you bright sparks doesn’t it! Well, we’re here to unearth why this important step in your skincare routine should never be missed – morning or night. We’re all guilty of slipping into the duvet after a late night adventure, omitting our cleanse until morning. The odd occasion is forgivable, but regularly – it’s a total no-no. After all, we all want a clear, radiant mug that puts a smile on our face, right? We’ll give you tips to execute your cleanses properly, with some fab products and tools, whatever your skin type or concern.

How to apply a cleanser


There’s a good chance you’re in a hurry and want to dive straight into the basin, but let’s learn how to apply a cleanser first. Why not build a few more minutes into your morning or bedtime face routine to savour the whole process? Step back, relax. Now, unless you’ve got a short hair crop, you’re going to enjoy things a whole lot more with your barnet tied back properly. Grab our washable Headband, perfect for the job. Wash your hands, then fill the sink with lukewarm water and dip your mitts in and give your face a good splosh to dampen it.


By now hopefully you’ve found our best cleanser for your skin type and skin concern. So whether it’s a creamy, oily, gel or foaming variety usually a coin size squirt does the job. If you’re looking for a dreamy all-rounder grab our Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash, enriched with vitamin E and wheatgerm oil, our formula leaves skin feeling supremely refreshed and clean, day or night. Put a blob in your hands and rub together and then rub onto your face in an upward swirling movement. Be careful to avoid those peepers.


Now here’s a moment to savour. Take a deep breath and massage your cleanser carefully around your damp face. You can use circles of different sizes to get into all the nooks and crannies around your nose and chin and up along your temples, and across your forehead. Not only does a good massage with a cleanser get rid of grime and dead skin cells but it also stimulates the area, helping your natural radiance shine through. And the benefits are more than skin deep, you’ll touch pressure points on your face too, relieving tension for a great start or end to the day.


And now the super satisfying bit. A darn good rinse. Make sure you’ve got a clean sink full of lukewarm water. We all have our different ways of rinsing, but we find a double-handed splosh while blowing out through your nostrils feels fun and invigorating. Or to be super thorough try rinsing with the help of our organic Muslin Cloth, particularly helpful at night to help wipe away makeup. Whichever way, make sure you do it a few times with a least a couple of water changes or rinses of the cloth. How does that feel? Skin tinglingly sparkly clean, or what?


And for a tingly-clean feeling grand finale – try our Vitamin E Hydrating Toner with our Organic Cotton Rounds X100. Toning is where you can swipe away any remaining cleansing residue or dead skin cells that just hang on till the bitter end. Toning helps balance your skin, and beauty experts believe this makes your skin more receptive to moisture and hydration products that follow. Our Vitamin E Toner is great for all skin types, infused with vitamin E and soya oil from Brazil, it’s gentle and beautifully hydrating, leaving skin feeling clean.

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