Our best face mask for you

Lost in a world of face mask choice? You’re an everyday superhero, but we’re not imagining you’re stuck between a Batman or Robin face mask. We’re talking about a big weekly thank you to your gorgeous mug in the shape of a cosmetic face mask. Actually, your entire being if you set the scene right… a closed door, candlelight, tunes – super chill. The only skill you need to master is understanding your skin type and its deepest desires – then we’ve got a face mask who’ll talk your skin’s language – be that clay, charcoal, gel or sheet. Worry not, we’ll help you find the best face mask for you.

The Body Shop Face Mask products


Who doesn’t love a pocket-sized anything? We think you might fall in love with our 15ml mini face masks. They’re made especially so you can try before you commit, sample and see how different ones feel when introduced to your face. Once you're smitten, you never need to travel without one by your side, they’re dinky enough to pop in your bag. They make thoughtful gifts to spoil your favourite, best-deserving friends and family. You could even invite some of those lovely chums over and nestle down on the sofa in front of a film and each try out a different mask. You might look like a parliament (quiz-winning word for group) of owls, but hey, owls are awesome, so who cares.