Benefits of liquid face peels

We think you’re pretty incredible – shining the light on how to look after each other and the environment. We’d like to help you keep your inner and outer halo polished. Face peels might sound extreme, but our gel or liquid-to-gel-peels are the complete opposite. Welcome to our gentle, somewhat saintly liquid peels. These silky translucent gels are packed with clever ingredients that glide onto your skin and roll up into little noodles, scooping up lots of dulling dead skin cells and impurities as they go. Ready to let your inner goodness shine brightly? Excellent, here comes more on The Body Shop Liquid Peels.

Drops of Youth Liquid Face Peel

What are our face peels?

A gel-peel is less of a peel and more of a gentle physical exfoliation, where on contact with your skin the gel turns into soft squidgy bunched up balls. So, rather than actually ‘peel’ your skin, as you massage the noodles across your face they trap redundant things like dead skin cells and pollutants – with a rolly-polly as they go. You’ll love how refreshing it feels as you rub the gel over your skin in circular motions. You get little soft bits of residue, a bit like you do from a pencil rubber – so it's super satisfying when you rinse them off. You’ll feel tingly clean and angelic with radiance that might just inspire some smiles.

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