Sourced from Blue Sky Botanics since 2018

Our organically grown Community Trade English roses are sustainably sourced from Blue Sky Botanic in Herefordshire, England. We use a fragrant variety of 100% traditional Old English Roses, which are handpicked in the summertime, dried, and then infused with Welsh mountain water, to extract our glow-enhancing essence. We’ve worked with Blue Sky Botanic on Castle Farm since 2015 for their award-winning conservation efforts. Every year, they pick an incredible 150 kilos of roses to help us enrich our British Rose treats.


Enrich our products

We use a bouquet of specially selected, organically farmed British heritage roses, including Old English, Wild and China Roses, for their strength, colour and the complexity of their floral, fruity and musky fragrances.

Enrich our people

Castle Farm provides full-time employment for three farmers as well as extra workers during picking season in the summertime.

Enrich our planet

Castle Farm have won the UK’s premier prize for conservation – the Silver Lapwing Award. Wildlife corridors and organically farming the roses helps to promote healthy soil and biodiversity, while allowing insects and pest predators to thrive, eliminating the need for pesticides.