Sourced from Targanine since 2014

Experience the sensuality of Morocco's luxurious beauty secret with our Wild Argan Oil collection for ultra-rich moisture and sublime nourishing. Generations of Berber women have treasured wild argan oil in their beauty rituals and we've taken note. Our precious argan nuts are sourced from the remote Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They are hand-picked, hand-cracked and slowly pressed for pure, radiant Community Trade argan oil.

Enrich our products

For generations, Berber women have treasured argan oil and used it in beauty rituals. Argan oil is naturally rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, making it intensely nourishing for dry skin. Our organic argan oil is pressed from hand-harvested and hand-cracked wild argan nuts.

Enrich our people

We source our argan oil from Targanine, a network of cooperatives with over 300 female Berbers who strive to increase their social status and financial independence in a rural area with limited work opportunities.

Enrich our planet

Argan trees are native to Morocco, where the forestland is a protected UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Our trade helps to support local agricultural communities and preserve traditional techniques in the area.