Sourced from TARA Projects since 1996

Our Community Trade soapstone home fragrance oil burners are sourced from Agra, an area of India famous for handcrafted stoneware. Made from exquisite Indian Gorara soapstone using traditional techniques passed down from father to son, our burners are created using some of the same materials as the region’s most famous landmark, the Taj Mahal. We work with TARA Projects, which stands for Trade Alternative Reform Action. They’re an alternative trade organization that works to support artisanal groups across northern India.

Enrich our products

Our oil burners are made of Indian Gorara soapstone, by expert artisans. The colour of every soapstone burner is revealed at the final polishing stage, making each one totally unique.

Enrich our people

Craftspeople are paid fair prices and avoid exploitation by working with TARA Projects. They’ve also improved living conditions for the community by investing in education and healthcare centres, as well as campaigning to stop child labour.

Enrich our planet

TARA Projects provides training on environmental protection and waste management for producer groups and local village communities.