Drops of Light™ Pure Healthy Brightening Eye Cream

For dull skin

Drops of Light™ Pure Healthy Brightening Eye Cream 15ml What does it do for you ?

This quick fix brightening essential will visibly brighten appearance after first use. With daily use, it helps visibly brighten the appearance of the eye contour. Massage with the cooling applicator to help stimulate blood circulation around eyes and reduce puffiness for a refreshed appearance.

  • With brightening Red Algae Extract harvested from the North Atlantic.
  • Rich in vitamin C, minerals and nutrients, red algae has grown in bracing oceans for millions of years.
  • Today we gently extract their potency for our healthy brightening Drops of Light™ range
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How to use

  1. Squeeze the tube lightly and use the applicator to gently massage formula ito the skin on the upper and lower eye contour.
  2. Blend in completely with fingers.