Cool Daisy Body Yogurt

48hr moistureLightweight gel-creamCool and refreshing floral scent

What does it do for you ?

Refresh dry skin with moisture with our special edition Body Yogurt. This beautifully lightweight gel-cream sinks in straight away without any stickiness, making it perfect for the warmer months.

Good for dry, thirsty skin in need of a drink, this body moisturiser gives you 48hr hydration and leaves skin feeling softer and smoother. You can even slather it on damp skin straight after the shower, leaving you smelling as fresh and floral as a meadow of daisies.

As for the smell, it’s one of our freshest, brightest and, well, coolest scents ever. It’s like wandering through a field of daisies, or a festival (but one of the chilled-out, daytime ones).

  • Body moisturiser
  • Perfect for normal to dry skin
  • 48hr moisture
  • Non-sticky and absorbs instantly
  • Cool and refreshing floral scent
  • Enriched with daisy extract and Community Fair Trade organic almond milk


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Community Fair Trade organic almond milk and oil

Nutty goodness your skin loves

We love almond milk and oil for their hydrating, skin-loving properties and rich vitamin E content. We’ve teamed up with Mañán in Spain (the ‘Almond Experts’, no less) to produce the Community Fair Trade almond milk and oil in our products.

Mañán are based in Alicante. They work with a cooperative of local, small-scale farmers and set a market price, which helps offer a bit of stability for local farmers.

Mañán use sustainable farming methods to grow their organic almonds. They respect the local environment (including working with the area’s water shortages), and their farms are a haven for bees. Almond plantations are natural fire barriers, which helps protect natural habitats from forest fires. Pretty amazing, right?

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Our organic almond oil is made from broken nuts that aren’t usually sold for food, and unwanted almond husks are turned into compost to help minimise waste. It’s one way we make sure we’re taking care of the planet.