Top Tips for dry lips

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Tip 1. Stay hydrated

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, drinking lots of water is the key to healthy hydrated looking skin and plump lips. Invest in a big 750ml stainless steel reusable water bottle and guard it with your life. Aim to refill this three times a day with fresh filtered water, and drink, drink, drink. Did you know that fresh veg has a hugely high water content too? Even more reason to fill up on five or more of these a day. And as if we need to remind you, caffeine and alcohol are on the dehydrating side of the fence, so keep a bit of a lid on these.

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Tip 2. Try not to chew or lick your lips

We all know how tempting licking dry lips is, and the same goes for nibbling bits of dry skin off your lips. These habits are often unconscious and a result of us being deep in concentration or feeling a little nervous or anxious. The sensation of touch on sensitive parts of our bodies like lips and hands can help us feel at ease. But if we’re tearing off bits of skin, that’s going to result in skin damage, inflammation and even bleeding. So try to avoid licking dry lips, as we know that can make them even drier, and do your best to avoid chewing them too. A nice thick layer of lip balm might help keep tongues and teeth in your mouth.

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Tip 3. Use a lip balm with SPF

Hands up who loves a new lip balm, and that reassuring feeling when it’s within easy reach of your lovely lips. Our lips don’t secrete protective natural oil called sebum like the rest of our body, which makes them even more vulnerable to the sun’s rays. So it’s good form to make sure your lip balm has at least SPF 15 in it. Come winter winds or summer sunshine, if you’re out and about your lips will always thank you for the sun protection factor. Try our luxurious Vitamin E Lip Care with SPF 15, enriched with coconut oil from Samoa and Community Fair Trade olive oil from Italy. You’ll notice how it helps moisturise your lovely lips, as well as help protect it from the sun’s harmful rays.


Tip 4. Apply an overnight lip treatment

Night time is when you can really load up your lips with a little bit of what you, and they fancy. They have the whole night to soak up moisture and any oily nutrients they can’t generate themselves. Don’t be shy, apply a thick layer of our 100% Natural Shea Butter. It works hard to help soothe dry lips. And when you wake up in the morning, your lips may just feel soft and velvety enough to treat that special someone in your life to a sensationally soft kiss. Ooh!


Create your DIY lip scrub

We all love a DIY gift, so romance your lips with something you’ve concocted yourself. Lips like all things gentle, so we’ve found that mixing up some of our nourishing 100% Natural Shea Butter with sugar straight out of the kitchen cupboard makes for a gorgeous and soft exfoliation session.


  • 100% Natural Shea Butter
  • Granulated sugar
  • Soft toothbrush


Mix one teaspoon of shea butter with one teaspoon of granulated sugar in an egg cup.


Pop the shea butter and sugar mixture on your toothbrush and gently brush your lips and lip line in small circular movements for 1-2 minutes.


When you’ve finished this exfoliating session, smooth a generous amount of pure shea butter all over your lips to help nourish and get that deeply hydrated sensation. Optional – carefully choose a lucky person to test your soft-feeling lips on.

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