Body Care Routines

Nothing tops a long day spent frolicking in the sunshine – but boy, is it tough on precious skin. Nail down summer body care with our ultimate four-step routine, so you can stay cool, confident and carefree inside and out.

Nothing tops a long day spent frolicking in the sunshine – but boy, is it tough on precious skin. Nail down summer body care with our ultimate four-step routine, so you can stay cool, confident and carefree inside and out.

The Ultimate Body Care Routine

The best body care routines work around you – whether that’s the full night-before head-to-toe package, or a quick boost before you head out to meet your pals. You can break up your ideal routine into three important steps.

Body scrub application

1. Scrub

Wake up and feel the tingle. Dampen your skin in the bath or shower and scoop up a generous amount of your favourite scrub. Massage in circular motions to help get rid of dry, dead skin.

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Body wash application

2. Wash

Squeeze out a luxurious amount of your chosen body wash and limber up. Rinse off the leftover scrub, all those dead skin cells – and some bad vibes too. Behind your ears, in between your toes, really go to town.

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Body moisturiser application

3. Moisturise

Lock in some moisture with a body yogurt, butter or cream. Simply slather on your moisturiser of choice, massage all over and let it sink in. Dance out of the bathroom with a spring in your step.

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Summer Body Care Essentials

Hey, thirsty dry skin – meet our nourishing and fragrant summertime special editions.

Cool daisy range


Waft on a hazy floral daydream and lift your spirits with our new cooling and refreshing scented vegan Daisy range.

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Fresh raspberry range


Let juicy and nourishing raspberry seed oil and extract do the hard work: our vegan Raspberry range can help quench your thirsty summer skin.

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Your body is yours alone – get to know exactly what it needs. Cater to your skin’s every whim with one of our go-to routines. Sorted.

Shea body care

Best routine for dry skin

First, slough off that dry skin with our Shea Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub. It’ll be left feeling soft and ready to soak up lots of moisture, once washed with our silky Shea Shower Cream. Lastly – and here’s where the magic happens – slather on some legendary Shea Body Butter, our best moisturiser for very dry skin. It’s enriched with Community Fair Trade shea nuts that will help intensely moisturise skin for 96 hours. Your bathroom will smell utterly divine, trust us.

Almond milk range

Best routine for sensitive skin

Those of us with bods that need a little extra TLC should gently buff away dead skin cells with Almond Milk Gently Exfoliating Cream Scrub. Next, lather up like a goddess, with a squirt of Almond Milk Soothing & Caring Shower Cream. It’s been specially formulated to respect your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Once you’re dried off, nourishing, Almond Milk Body Yogurt sinks in in a jiffy, leaving your skin feeling soothed with moisture and looking radiant. Get right back out there, champ.

Normal skin body care routine

Best routine for normal skin

If your skin isn’t too tricksy, but could still do with some nourishment (whose couldn’t?) try this combo. A tropical treat for the skin and the senses, our Mango Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is also suitable for dry skin. Rinse off with our Pink Grapefruit Body Wash, leaving skin feeling clean and sweetly scented. Top off your new routine: replenish with zesty, lightweight Pink Grapefruit Body Yogurt. It absorbs instantly, so you’ll be feeling nourished in no time!

Add a body oil for extra nourishment

Got some patches that need some extra loving? Add a body oil as a final step to your body care routine. A body oil is a great way to leave those areas feeling silky-soft – particularly dry spots like your knees and elbows. With our body oils, a little goes a long way – just pour a tiny amount on to your hand and massage in.

Body care application

Why you should have a body care routine

Making time to care for yourself and your body is never a bad investment. A naturally-inspired body care routine can not only give your skin that healthy-looking glow or subtle scent, but can make you feel pretty good about yourself too. So strip off, scrub up and slather on that moisturiser, baby. You’re worth it – and more.

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