Advent calendar guide

With Christmas on the horizon, it's time to talk countdown...

We love Christmas at The Body Shop and every year we like to kick things off with the launch of our advent calendars. Yes, it’s pretty early, but ours fly out the door every year – last year we sold one every 30 seconds*, so we wanted to give everyone a fighting chance to get their hands on the cutest, most festive, most positive advent calendars around (we think so anyway).

This year you have three calendars to choose from, they all contain at least 24 joyful products – from bestselling minis to full-size favourites, as well as some feel good ideas and tips, to make the countdown to the big day extra special and thoughtful.

New beauty advent calendars

We want to celebrate what makes Christmas real, and we don’t mean perfectly coordinated trees or flawless Insta gatherings “real”, we’re talking about Uncle Jon burning the turkey again, fighting over the remote, kids making funny faces when you want that perfect picture or interestingly wrapped gifts (the thought was there). Being together is more important now than ever, so joyful, imperfect moments of togetherness is what makes a real Christmas and it’s what our 2020 beauty advent calendars are all about.

We want to encourage people to enjoy these festive moments, rather than stressing about creating the perfect Christmas. So, decorate the tree however you want, bake with besties, laugh, stuff stockings/pillowcases, embrace the clichés or be a merry maverick and do something totally unexpected.

This year start as you mean to go on by treating yourself or a loved one to one of our advent calendars and have it as a reminder to enjoy the imperfect together.

So, without further ado, here are our new Advent Calendars – take a peek inside and check out some of the treats they have in store for you…

Make it real together ultimate advent calendar

This is our biggie, it’s jam-packed with 25 full-sized products. From best sellers to classics to new Christmas drops. And, it’ll have a nice mix of skincare, bath, body care, make-up and new accessories. It’s the perfect way to uplift, pamper and relax throughout the (sometimes) stressful countdown to Christmas Day.

The illustration is of Leia (wearing the purple onesie), every year she brings her friends, family and neighbours together to celebrate Christmas, and to give gifts and hang decorations on her tree. She’s giving directions via her megaphone and it looks like her ladder is wobbling. Decorations are falling off, the Christmas pudding is dangerously on fire, Aunty June is asleep on the armchair and Jasper the cat is owning his Christmas look. This really sums up our imperfect yet joyful Christmas theme. #makeitrealtogether

Buy for $1,499 (worth $2,815)

Make it real together big advent calendar

This one is surprise-packed with a mix of minis and full-sized products. That’s 25 of our classics, bestsellers and new accessories that we’ve dropped for Christmas.

The illustration depicts Erika (the one dressed as a present), who is hosting a Christmas jumper party with her friends turned family. She’s been crowned best dressed for her recycled outfit and Jasper the cat is unassumingly messing with the novelty tree decorations.

Buy for $899 (worth $1,685)

Make it real together advent calendar

This one contains 24 mini bath and body treats, and some festive surprises – well, it is Christmas.

The illustration is of our character Maya (who is holding the tower of presents), you think she’s putting them under the tree, but as you open the windows of the calendar, you’ll learn who those presents are really for. The image also depicts her parents, little sister and Jasper the cat causing mischief – he’s made it onto all three of our calendars as everyone loves him.

Buy for $599 (worth $1,007)

Don't miss out

We launched our beauty advent calendars 17 years ago, and year after year they become increasingly popular – today it’s one of our most-loved and bestselling gifts. Last year, our Dream Big Advent Calendars were so popular that one was sold every 30 seconds.*

With this in mind, our 2020 Advent Calendars are sure to sell out fast, and no one wants to read that ‘sold out’ message. So, don’t miss your chance to get yours this imperfect Christmas.

*Based on global sales of all advent calendar sizes from 29/09/2019 to 30/11/2019 (selling period of 12 hours per day, 7 days per week)