• White Musk® Sport

    Our cruelty-free White Musk® Sport has a vibrant combination of zesty citrus, grapefruit and lemons with subtle notes of amber. We know men want to smell good too, so use the body wash with the Eau de Toilette for a lasting scent.

  • White Musk® L'eau

  • Oils Of Life™

    Our Oils Of Life™ skincare collection contains three precious seed oils. The facial oil, cream, gel cream and essence lotion intensely revitalize your skin and revive radiance. Now get radiant skin whatever decade you’re in!

  • Satsuma

    Put a zing in your step with this range of citrus body treats. Freshen up your mornings with Satsuma Shower Gel and lock in 24-hours of hydration with the sumptuous Satsuma Body Butter. All of these are bursting with Community Fair Trade ingredients and not forgetting the star of the show, satsuma seed oil.

  • White Musk® Smoky Rose

  • Spa Fit

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    What’s your favourite range from The Body Shop? Whether you love the zingy scents of Pink Grapefruit, the nourishing touch of Vitamin E or the hydrating and smoothing feel of our iconic Body Butter range, it’s all here in our complete range. Choose your favourite, experiment with something new or find the best product for your skin type

  • Vanilla Pumpkin Body Care

  • Drops of Light™

    New Drops of Light™ helps to brighten your skin, smooth the complexion and leave your skin tone even. It’s a bright new day for healthy luminous skin

  • Almond

    Treat hands and nails with our range of almond products, inspired by the manicurist’s essential product - sweet almond oil. Don’t leave your hands at the mercy of the changing seasons – maintain your hands’ well-being all year round with our Almond Cream. And if you’re looking for a hand care regime to suit you, check out our complete hand care range

  • Skin Defence

  • Vanilla Chai

  • Almond Milk & Honey

  • Drops of Light ™

    New Drops of Light™ helps to brighten your skin, smooth the complexion and leave your skin tone even. It’s a bright new day for more healthy, luminous looking skin

  • Olive

    Hydrate and look after your skin with the olive range, containing Community Fair Trade organic olive oil. Use each fresh, lightly-scented product individually or pair them together to layer and build up the fragrance. For pure beauty in a bottle, try our Olive Beautifying Oil, suitable for body, face and hair, and made with a lightweight blend of nut oils for instant hydration with a shimmer finish. Wash away the day with the rich lather of our Olive Soap, and then hydrate and soften with our iconic Olive Body Butter that melts into your skin with a subtle fruity scent.

  • Banana

  • Tea Tree

    Prone to blemishes, blackheads and oily skin? Tea Tree is nature’s alternative to harsh ingredients, with Community Fair Trade Tea Tree oil to give clearer skin from one week. The range also uses Tamanu oil extract which is reputed to help generate new tissue and improve the healing process for skin. So say goodbye to shine and hello to clear skin!

  • Indian Night Jasmine

    Check out the charm and allure of the Indian Night Jasmine range. Whether you would like the fragrance mist, body butter or perfume oil, its feminine seductive oriental scent will leave you wanting more.

  • British Rose

  • White Musk

    Our iconic cruelty-free White Musk® scent is a sensual mix of rose, jasmine, amber and wood. Cleanse and moisturize in style with our Shower Gel, Body Lotion and powders, or spritz on our White Musk Perfume Oil for a signature scent. There’s also a Men’s White Musk® and sport range with zesty and seductive undertones so your man can smell just as good as you.

  • Drops Of Youth

    Tackle the first signs of ageing with our exclusive Drops of Youth™ range. Make sure you’re tackling wrinkles and fine lines head-on. Give your skin a helping hand before the signs of ageing become clearly visible. Our Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth™ concentrate helps to leave skin looking smoother, fresher and healthier with instant moisturization. While our Drops of Youth™ Eye concentrate focuses on the delicate eye area with enriched Edelweiss plant stem cells that instantly refresh the eye contour.

  • Skin Defence

  • Voyage

  • Roots of Strength™

  • Pink Grapefruit

    Experience the zesty refreshment of pink grapefruit, containing real pink grapefruit-seed oil. Wake up, revive and hydrate with this full range of products to care for your skin from top to toe. You can use each fruit-scented product individually or pair them together to layer and build up the fragrance. To get the full scent, try our light and fresh all over Body Mist or our long-lasting Eau de Toilette.

  • Seaweed

    Designed for combination skin, our seaweed helps to restore balance and control excess oil to help give you a shine-free, matte finish. Use our oil and soap-free Seaweed Cleansing Facial Wash to remove impurities, or try the Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF15 to protect from the sun. Get to work on any problem areas with our Facial Exfoliator and Pore Perfector.

  • Frosted Plum

  • White Musk® For Men

  • Mango

    In India, the mango is known as a symbol for love. Enjoy the fruity fresh aroma with the Mango Body Mist, Lip Butter, Mango Scrub and Mango Body Butter. Our Mango Shower Gel is soap-free and contains real Mango Seed oil, while our Mango Body Oil is made with Community Fair Trade Marula oil.

  • Elderflower

  • Vitamin E

    Loved since 1977, our Vitamin E skincare range has stood the test of time. If you’re concerned about the damaging effects of the environment on your skin, our Vitamin E range can help to protect against pollution, cigarette smoke and UVA/UVB rays. Formulated with ingredients like vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and wheatgerm oil, our Vitamin E products are suitable for all skin types, and help to replenish and protect dry skin.

  • Expert Facial Masks

    Discover our collection of facial masks, sourced from across the globe to repair, clarify, and hydrate your skin and leave you with a healthy, youthful glow. Created with Community Fair Trade natural ingredients including rose petals, charcoal, green tea, honey, ginseng, acai, marula oil & more. From a hydrating, firming mask that improves elasticity, to an anti-oxidant rich mask that energizes skin & fights signs of fatigue, to a clarifying, exfoliating and smoothing mask, we have the perfect mask for you. Your spa day awaits!

  • Aloe

    Our fragrance-free and alcohol-free Aloe range is gentle on sensitive skin, helping to soothe signs of irritation. Aloe vera is a natural skin soother and perfect for allergy-prone, itchy or red skin. The Aloe Vera used in our products is sourced from our Community Fair Trade partners.

  • Peppermint

    Show your tired feet some love with this coolingPeppermint Intensive Cooling Foot Rescue. Massage on after a shower and a long hard day at work and you’ll be ready for a good night’s sleep - or even to slip the heels back on! Packed with Community Fair Trade Peppermint oil, this hardworking foot cream will help refresh, smooth and combat odors.

  • Absinthe

    A pure sensation for hands. Our sensational new hand care range, with absinthe extract, leaves hands feeling soft, fresh and totally pure.

  • Limited Edition Cactus Blossom

  • Frosted Berries

  • Japanese Cherry Blossom

    Our Japanese Cherry Blossom range is a selective mix of fruity-floral scents that should leave you feeling light and refreshed. For that fabulous spring feeling, pair the body lotion with the perfume oil. You won’t look back!

  • Ginger

  • Rainforest Hair Care

  • Vitamin C

    Add some zest to your regular beauty regime and help revive dull looking skin by adding Vitamin C for skin to your routine. The ultimate antidote to tired skin, our refreshing range features Vitamin C Moisturizer, a brightening Microdermabrasion scrub and ground-breaking products like the Vitamin C Radiance Capsules and Facial Radiance Powder mix.

  • Banana

  • Pomegranate

    The Body Shop® pomegranate products are especially formulated to address the signs of ageing. Our washes, toners, lotions and serums help the skin to feel firmer and soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Use the refreshing Eye Roll-On for the delicate eye area, or the Pomegranate Cream for a temporary lifting effect to help the skin appear plumper and hydrated.

  • Carrot

  • Camomile

    Calm things down with our Camomile range, harnessing the gentle soothing and purifying power of nature. Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens-wearers, this gentle range gently cares for your skin while getting rid of makeup, dirt and grime, leaving skin feeling fresh yet hydrated. Or try our Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing butter to melt-away make up and impurities, and leave skin feeling clean and petal-soft.

  • Kistna

    A cleansing range for men, Kistna is filled with a refreshing green scent just right for that spring feeling. Try our best selling Hair and Body wash, then pair with the Eau de Toilette and Aftershave Balm for an all round experience.

  • Elderflower

  • Strawberry

  • Nutriganics™ Skin Care

    Developed for women typically aged 30-40 years to help improve the appearance of the skin and smooth the first signs of ageing. The benefits of the NUTRIGANICS™ organic skincare range will undoubtedly appeal to those who are looking for alternative anti-ageing products. Combining community trade babassu oil with 14 other organic ingredients. NUTRIGANICS™ is our first certified organic skincare range for addressing the first signs of ageing.

  • Strawberry

    All of these bright berry treats contain real Strawberry Seed Oil, making this a particularly aromatic bunch. Whether you fancy the strawberry pout of a lip balm or a sweet-smelling strawberry perfume, there’s plenty of ways to get your fruity fix. Wash away the day with a scrummy Strawberry Soap and seal in the scent with a sumptuous Strawberry Body Butter.

  • Wild Rose

    Help even out the appearance of skin tone. Give mature hands the extra moisture they need with our Wild Rose hand care range. Every product helps nourish skin with moisture.

  • Polynesian Island Tiare

    Smell like summer with our tropical skin care range inspired by the polynesian tiare flower. With a light but exotic scent, layer up signature products like our tropical shower gel and delicate eau de toilette for a rich, lasting and sweet fragrance.

  • Moringa

    Treat your skin to the benefits of moringa – with a delicate floral fragrance, our collection of moringa products will help to leave your skin feeling smooth and restored. Inspired by the beautiful moringa tree, The Body Shop’s floral-scented range includes Moringa Oil, Moringa Body Butter and Moringa Lotion. Our products contain Moringa Seed Oil for the ultimate in healthy hair and skin.

  • Shea

  • Fijian Water Lotus

    Unable to escape to that exotic beach you’ve been dreaming about? It’s okay! The body shop Fijian Water Lotus collection will bring that pacific breeze straight to your door. Pair our Body Butter with the Fragrance Mist for lasting freshness.

  • Vineyard Peach

    Take in the scents of summer any time of year with our Vineyard Peach range. Enjoy the fragrance and flavour of fresh, ripe peaches with these juicy peach products that care for your best assets while delivering beautiful fruity sensations. Try our luscious Vineyard Peach Lip Gloss with a natural sweet peach flavour that offers super-shiny, sheer colour for a perfect pout.

  • Black Musk

  • White Musk Smokey Rose

    Enjoy the sweet scent of cruelty-free musk, tobacco flower and notes of black rose with our White Musk Smoky Rose range. Indulge your senses and bathe in luxury with our soap-free White Musk Smoky Rose Body Wash, a lather-rich gel for full body cleansing. For a pure fragrance, try our Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum or spritz on some warming notes with our Fragrance Mist. Take the intoxicating scent of White Musk Smoky Rose with you wherever you go with our Mini Eau de Toilette, perfect for your bag or purse.

  • For Men Maca Root

    The For Men Maca Root is a collection specifically designed with men in mind. From the energetic face protection to the shave cream and razor relief, most products feature in our bestseller list. It’s time you discover it too!

  • Shea

    Shea Butter is famous for its skin nourishing properties and nutty fragrance making it an ideal ingredient for our body butter, lotions, oils and eau de toilette – cocoon yourself in moisture and its soft, nutty scent. Our first ever Community Fair Trade ingredient, shea is hand farmed by women in villages across Northern Ghana. By indulging your skin with super-rich Shea Butter you are helping to support Ghanian communities.

  • All - In - One

    Keep things simple and under control. Our range of all-in-one products can eliminate the need for clutter and make your daily routine as easy as possible. Whether you need total coverage from our ALL-IN-ONE™ Face Base, a foundation and powder in one neat compact, or long-lasting color that also cares for your skin with our ALL-IN-ONE™ Cheek Colour, our range of multi-tasking products are designed with modern life in mind. They keep things simple. For a photo-ready finish, try our all-new face perfector, ALL-IN-ONE INSTABLUR™, to blur out imperfections, control shine, hide blemishes and unify your complexion.

  • Special Edition Banana

  • Spa Of The World

    We know the importance of ‘me’ time, so we’ve created a luxurious Spa Of The World™ range including bath milk, creams, massage oils and exfoliants. With a relaxing, revitalizing and a blissful ritual to choose from, you can bring that #spathroom experience directly into your home!

  • White Musk® Flora

  • Special Edition Ginger

  • Colour Crush™

    Express yourself fully and don’t be afraid to be seen. Add a dash of drama to your day-to-day look with our COLOUR CRUSH™ range for vibrant, full-body colors that stand out. Don’t fade into the background; find the color that suits your personality and your mood with our wide range of bold shades.

  • Frosted Plum

    New this year, The Body Shop’s Frosted Plum is a truly sophisticated indulgence for your body. With notes of magnolia, peony and ripe plum, be sure not to miss out!

  • Fuji Green Tea™

    It’s time to revive the body and detox the mind with The Body Shop® Fuji Green Tea™ collection. Cleanse and replenish by relaxing into a Green Tea infused bath, sourced from the mount Fuji region of Japan. For an extra treat, don’t forget the body scrub and sorbet!