Super Volume Mascara

For volumising and lengtheningNon-clumping</ul>

What does it do for you ?

Whether you’re feeling fierce, friendly or flirty, your peepers always benefit from a little extra attention - so help them strike a look with our Mascara Super Volume. This beauty helps enhance your lashes with slick mascara strokes of intense colour and volume.

Our eyes are one of the most intriguing and characterful parts of our amazing bodies. They take charge of our communication efforts - often expressing mood or emotion before we’ve even opened our mouths. Our eyes have a magical aura - shining, sparkling and radiating - showing others a window to our soul. So let that beautiful soul of yours shine brightly by helping your mesmerising eye colour pop with our inky black or brown lash defining voluminous mascara. No icky messing about, just a few careful flicks of the brush with our non-clumping lengthening mascara, working the full length of the lash. To add drama to your eye-catching stare, you can layer on for denser coverage. Now then, it’s time to get fluttering and fly into action.

  • Mesmerisingly volumising and lengthening
  • Ingeniously non-clumping
  • Ophthalmologically (clever word for scientifically) tested
  • Kind to contact-lens wearers’ eyes too
  • Enchantingly enriched with marula oil for a slick feel
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How to use

  1. Make sure your peepers feel fresh and clean.
  2. Work mascara with a full flick of the lash.
  3. Work from inside to outside, smiling as you go.
  4. Add luscious layers for extra volume and impact.
  5. Flutter those bright eyes and get ready to fly off.
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