Spa of the World™ Brazilian Cupuaçu Scrub-in-Oil

For all skin typesNourishing exfoliationVegetarian

What does it do for you ?

There are lots of ways to exfoliate your skin. But we’ve got quite the all-over treat for you with our luxuriously nourishing Spa of the World™ Brazilian Cupuaçu Scrub-in-Oil.

Enriched with the precious nut oil from the Brazilian cupuaçu nut, this scrub-in-oil is formulated with fine salt crystals that gently polish your skin, removing dead skin cells to leave fresh looking skin that feels oh-so smooth.

Sounds like bliss, right? Think of our Brazilian Cupuaçu Scrub-in-Oil as a spa treasure from the luxury of your home. And just like the other products in our Spa of the World™ range, The Body Shop’s Brazilian Scrub-in-Oil is an indulgent must-have for a little mind and body relaxation. That’s right, we give you full permission to cancel your plans, unwind and escape the world for a night of self-care with this luxurious little scrub. No FOMO here.

  • A nourishing body scrub your skin will love
  • Helps smooth and replenish skin
  • A blissful treat for body and mind
  • Made with Brazilian cupuaçu nut
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How to use

  1. Give the pot a good stir with your finger to blend the nourishing oil and exfoliating salt crystals together.
  2. Scoop out a generous amount of our Spa of the World™ Brazilian Cupuaçu Scrub-in-Oil and spend as long as you want massaging it all over your damp skin in circular motions. Here’s a tip: kick things off with a relaxing bath or shower to help get the most out of exfoliating your skin (and to help you get in the pampering mood).
  3. Rinse it all off and towel dry. Ta-da! Silky-smooth feeling skin in minutes.
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