“Wild animals need Bio-Bridges…there are never enough!” Bill Oddie OBE, Ambassador of World Land Trust

When you buy our skin-tingling Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask or NEW Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Facial Soap, you’re helping protect endangered red pandas in the Himalayas. From 3 April 2018 to 2 June 2018, we’ll donate 30 pence to Red Panda Network with selected charcoal mask or soap you buy.
We’re helping Red Panda Network of Nepal plant more red panda food-including their favourite, bamboo! – and regenerating the forest by building a natural wildlife corridor called a ‘Bio-Bridge’.


Building on the success of our groundbreaking Bio-Bridges habitat conservation project, we are launching our new corporate philanthropy programme, The World Bio-Bridges Mission (Re-wilding the World), which aims to build an additional ten Bio-Bridges by 2020.

The World Bio-Bridges Mission is a project within The Body Shop International Limited dedicated to funding philanthropic and benevolent initiatives. The purpose of the World Bio-Bridges Mission is to enrich biodiversity around the world while creating truly sustainable supply chains where possible.

The World Bio-Bridges Mission seeks to achieve its purpose by expanding The Body Shop’s ground breaking Bio-Bridges conservation programme, launched as part of our Enrich Not Exploit™ Commitment, to protect and regenerate corridors of land to connect areas of rich biodiversity and prove its effectiveness as a circular business and conservation programme. Our Bio-Bridges programme has engaged millions of customers to do their bit in helping threatened orang-utans, tigers, and monkeys

Bio-Bridges protect and regenerate corridors between healthy rainforest, linking isolated and endangered animals and plant species, which allow them to thrive and breed again. Biodiversity loss is one of the earth’s biggest challenges today and habitat fragmentation is a key driver of biodiversity loss. The World Bio-Bridges Mission is focussed on addressing these issues and sharing these principles with our customers.

The World Bio-Bridges Mission will also create opportunities for The Body Shop to identify potential new natural ingredients from these areas for our products, creating a sustainable sourcing pipeline. This will help to provide communities with alternative and sustainable income opportunities.

The World Bio-Bridges Mission is managed by The Body Shop International Limited and overseen by the World Bio-Bridges Mission Advisory Team with 13 internal and external representatives who will manage funding allocation.

The programme is managed according to the programme Terms of Reference. Every penny raised will directly fund partners to build Bio-Bridges. By connecting our corporate philanthropy closer to our business, we are able to use our professional skills, experience and knowledge to increase our ambitious target to build 10 new Bio-Bridges in addition to our existing commitment to protect and regenerate 75 million square metres of habitat by 2020.

“Bio-Bridges!? What, like the one they were going to build over the Thames? No, much more useful than that, and a little more remote. Wild animals need to swing and leap freely through the trees and not be restricted to what few diminishing patches of wild habitat are left. What do they need to be able to cross safely from one patch to another? Bio-Bridges. There are never enough!”

- Bill Oddie OBE, Broadcaster and Ambassador for World Land Trust The Body Shop’s partner for several Bio-Bridges projects

£1.30 from the sale of every Amazonian Saviour™ Multi-Purpose Balm until 31 May 2018 will be used by The Body Shop’s World Bio Bridges Mission to support conservation and communities by funding Bio-Bridges. Our Programme funds ground breaking organisations that build Bio-Bridges to connect land and create sustainable communities. The total raised from sales will be paid to non-profit organisations selected for their expertise in building Bio-Bridges around the world.

If you are an organisation wishing to apply for one of The World Bio-Bridges Mission projects, please review our application form.


The donation period will run the start dates below in the markets/locations listed with a £0.30p (or market currency equivalent) donated on each Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Facial Soap and Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask sold. 

AUSTRALIA    02-APR-18    

AUSTRIA    20-MAR-18    

BAHRAIN    03-APR-18    

BALTICS    27-MAR-18    

BENELUX    27-MAR-18    

BERMUDA    27-MAR-18    

BRUNEI    02-APR-18    

CANADA    04-APR-18     

CHILE    15-MAY-18    

CYPRUS     08-MAY-18     

DENMARK    27-MAR-18    

FINLAND    27-MAR-18    

FRANCE    27-MAR-18    

GERMANY    20-MAR-18    

HONG KONG    03-APR-18    

HUNGARY    20-MAR-18    

IBERIA    03-APR-18    

ICELAND    27-MAR-18    

INDIA    31-MAY-18    

INDONESIA    22-JUL-18    

IRELAND    27-MAR-18    

ITALY    27-MAR-18   

JAPAN    12-APR-18    

JORDAN    03-APR-18    

KOREA    02-APR-18    

KUWAIT    03-APR-18   

LEBANON    03-APR-18   

MALTA     13-MAR-18  

MEXICO    03-APR-18  

MOROCCO    03-APR-18   

MYANMAR     28-APR-18    

NEW ZEALAND    01-APR-18   

NORWAY    03-APR-18   


POLAND & CZECH    01-MAY-18   

QATAR    03-APR-18   

ROMANIA    13-MAR-18    

RUSSIA    10-APR-18  

SARAWAK    01-APR-18   

SINGAPORE    12-APR-18    

SLOVENIA    20-MAR-18   

SWEDEN    27-MAR-18   


TAIWAN     01-APR-18    

THAILAND    05-APR-18    

TURKEY    24-APR-18    


UK - ROE    27-MAR-18    

US    02-APR-18    

VIETNAM    20-APR-18    

VIETNAM    20-APR-18