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Rise up with self love

Self love is action. And it’s time to act.

Discover how you can join the self-love uprising and fight for change together.

Photo of activist, Gina MartinPhoto of activist, Gina Martin

What is self love?

How do we define self-love? Self-love goes beyond feeling good about yourself. It’s about appreciating yourself. It’s about self-acceptance and giving yourself permission to grow into who you really are. Self-love starts from the inside, but it doesn’t stop there.

Once you start feeling more self-love, it becomes like a newfound superpower. It makes you stronger and inspires you to share that love with the world.

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What is the self love uprising?

Self-love has the power to lift us up to fight for change together. That’s why we believe that self-love is action. And now, it’s time to act.

With your help and our fearless Leading Lights who have risen up with self-love, we want to share 1 million acts of self-love across the globe in 1 year. It doesn’t matter how big or small, even small acts can lead to big change. Whether it’s reading articles, attending workshops or sharing your own story, every act is brave and daring. It’s these acts that can start your journey to self-love and inspire others to rise up with you.

It’s time to get inspired, take action and join the self-love uprising. Because when we’re united with self-love, we’re unstoppable.

Meet our leading lights

Self-love is a journey that takes bravery and strength. Meet the fearless people who have risen up with the power of self-love. Get inspired by their stories.

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Start your self love journey

What is self-love? Why is it so important now? What does it mean to truly self-love? And how can we rise up together to fight for change? Find out more below.

Collage of four activists, Char Ellesse, Gina Martin, Charlie Craggs and Sophie Butler

Leading lights

Meet the fearless people who have risen up with self-love.

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Gina Martin holding a book that reads 'be the change' on the cover

What is self love?

Learn how self-love is like a superpower that lifts us up.

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Activist Char Ellesse wearing a purple jacket

Self love tips

Discover daily habits to kickstart your self-love journey.

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Learn this powerful ritual to practise self-acceptance.

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Share your story

How did you discover the power of self-love? Tag @thebodyshop with the hashtag #SelfLoveUprising to share your story and inspire others to rise up.

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Anita Roddick in The Body Shop store
Anita Roddick in The Body Shop store

“Beauty is an active, outward expression of everything you like about yourself.”

Dame Anita Roddick


Our pioneering founder believed in the power of self-love, inside and out, for body and soul.