Person applying moisturiserPerson applying moisturiser

Winter Skin Care Essentials

As the seasons change, it’s time for us to turn our attention to something we all struggle with: dry skin in winter. Not sure where to start? Have a look at our winter skin care tips so you’re more wow than whoa this winter.

Meet Our Winter Heroes

Person applying skincare

For Dry Skin

Set aside summer skin moisturisers and opt for something a little richer in texture to deliver a long-lasting moisture boost to give dry, winter skin its hydration fix.

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Person holding Body Butter

For Your Body’s Dehydrated Skin

Winter winds and central heating are shockers for sapping moisture from your skin. Help keep pins and luscious limbs smooth, hydrated and soft with a grand slather of body butter.

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Person applying lip balm

For Dry Lips

Harsh weather can be a right pain in the kisser. Say no to dry lips and keep your pout on the right side of perfection by applying a lip balm or butter a few times a day.

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Person applying hand balm

For Cracked Hands

Constant movement, over-washing, cold air, stuffy rooms, daily graft… we hear ya. Learn how to care for your hands and treat your hard-working hands with a conditioning hand cream to help thwart the drying effects of life.

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Model applying eye cream

For Thirsty Under-Eyes

The skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of the face, making it vulnerable to the whipping winds of winter. Incorporate an eye cream to your winter skincare routine in the morning and evening to give your eye area an extra bit of TLC.

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Person combing hair

For Dull Hair

There’s no freestyling for dehydrated, winter hair – it’s all about helping keep control for healthy-looking locks. Try dropping the heat, add some moisture into the mix, and pop on a hair mask once a week. Voilà.

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"Dry skin? Hello Winter! As the months get colder, it's important to season-proof your routine. No matter your skin type, switching up products can help protect and moisturise your skin against those external aggressors''

Leah Sheridan

Global Junior Brand Manager - Skincare

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Your Winter Skincare Favourites

Person holding Vitamin E product

Vitamin E Moisture Cream

“Rich but light moisture cream leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh.”

- Dotto

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Avocado Body Butter

Avocado Body Butter

“​​Very happy with this. Smells amazing and has really hydrated my skin.”

- Mimi_123455

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Hemp Hand Cream

Hemp Hand Protector

“Gorgeous hand saviour. I love the smell, texture and quality.”

- BuzyGee

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Eye Cream

Oils of Life Eye Cream Gel

“This is a lovely eye gel, very moisturising.”

- Little B

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Face mask range

Face Masks for Cold Weather

Let’s face it. Your skin freaks out over seasonal weather and it’s not just a dry skin thing either. Colder weather can bring on skin concerns that have kept quiet through the milder months. But fear not – face masks are the seasonal superheroes, whatever your skin type. Pop one on, snuggle up with a cup of tea, and relax while it does its magic.

Moisturiser Buying Guide

Don’t let the blustery weather get your skin down. Step up your game face with a top-notch moisturiser tailored to your skin type or concern.

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Winter Hair Care Tips

Fancy having frizz-free, luscious locks this season? Find out how you can tame the mane this winter with our top tips for beautiful barnets.

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Skincare tips for winter

Remix your routine and stay in sync this season with our top tips on how to achieve your glow right through till spring, made possible with our range of products tailored specifically for dry skin.

CBD cleanser


Help your skin move with the seasons by using a cleanser that helps to soothe skin hit by biting winds, like our CBD Soothing Oil-Balm Cleansing Mask.

Vitamin E Moisture Cream


Apply a rich-textured moisturiser after cleansing to boost dry skin’s hydration. Our Vitamin E Moisture Cream has hyaluronic acid in it to help lock in every drop.

Hemp Nourishing Overnight Rescue Mask


Hydrating ingredients, such as hemp seed oil, are key to help you achieve glowy chops. Help keep skin ultra-nourished by adding an overnight mask, like the Hemp Nourishing Overnight Rescue Mask, into your weekly routine.