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Vegan gift ideas

Shop cruelty-free with confidence - no more straining your eyes at the small print.

Why shop vegan?

Our vegan friends do so much to look out for the creatures on this planet, we want to make it easy for them to take care of themselves too. The same goes for all the lovely people who are buying them gifts. While everything we make is cruelty-free, we offer a huge number of products that are suitable for vegans, from our make-up ranges to our most-loved, nature-inspired body care treats. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite beauty gifts for vegans – or for anyone who wants to lean toward a plant-based lifestyle. After all, looking good isn’t just for vegans…

The Body Shop has proudly always been 100% cruelty-free, right from the start. But did you know around half of our range is entirely vegan?

Kasia Nawrocka

Head of Gifting at The Body Shop