Benefits of face massage

Every face tells a story, so the saying goes. What’s yours saying to the world – ready for action or ready for bed? Our incredible mugs are somewhat of an evolutionary masterpiece, no two being the same, and they differ more from each other than any other part of the body. How many times have you said, “I could just tell by their face…” and read an emotion or wellbeing into a simple expression or pallor? So, best we look after them. There’s nothing quite like a face massage to help you relax, and the benefits are more far-reaching than you might think. Face massage tips incoming.

Woman using applying overnight serum

How face massage can help your skin

Face lifting

You do not need a face lift. Repeat. You do not need a face lift. The story of you would be nothing without your amazing and completely natural face. But we know you don’t want to look unnecessarily tired – a little skin elasticity is what we all want, right? So, for a cheeky face-lifting massage, roll closed fists up the sides of your cheeks and hold for a few seconds. And repeat. That subtle pressure will give your face skin a nudge towards a plumper-looking appearance.

Youthful glow

‘I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger’, in the famous words of Rod Stewart. Let’s face it, we get older and wiser and, in our opinion, more beautiful with every day that passes. But, we also know it feels nice to hear, “ooh, you look amazing!” from our nearest and dearest. So, grab a face oil and try a face massage with upward movements in the morning. The lipids in face oil will help hydrate and plump your skin, and the massaging motion will help to stimulate collagen.

Radiant looking

How could you get any more radiant? Early-rising, leaving no stone unturned you. We don’t think so. But a face massage could help to give the heave-ho to a few dull making dead skin cells and boost your collagen to keep up with you. Massaging movements will give your face muscles a mini-workout and help to get fresh blood to your skin’s surface. So let’s just say, your inner and outer radiance will get the sunglass-inducing reveal it deserves.

The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

How to Face Massage

You are on-the-go, all day every day, smiling, laughing, shouting, listening, being curious and showing buckets of empathy. And that’s a whole load of face muscles and energy put out there for the greater good. Time spent massaging your face will help relieve tension, draw your attention inwards back to you and prepare your whole self for some night-time restoration.


We are big fans of being prepared and having the right tools. The best face massage tools in the biz? That’ll be your hands. Make sure they’re clean, warm, moisturised with looked-after nails. Then take pleasure in giving you neck and face their number one desire, apply 1 to 2 drops of our Oils of Life™ Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil in gentle upward sweeping motions.


Quick fact. We have lymph glands just below our ears. Massage helps with lymphatic drainage which is said to help reduce puffiness and dullness. So, fingers just below your ears, work along your jawline in soft, upward motions. Once your fingers meet at your chin, pop a finger above your top lip and another below your bottom lip. Roll out along the cheeks, back to the ear in slow movements. Dreamy.


If you’re still with us, let’s move to your face. Another fact. Faces have at least 300 pressure points which relate to another part of your body. That’s why a face massage can reduce your whole being to putty. Right. First pressure point hotspot, your forehead. Place all your fingers along your eyebrows, and work them upwards and into your scalp. Feeling the relief already? Then run your fingers down your brows and pinch at the ends with a gentle pull outward.


You may already be away with the fairies, but one more top face massage tip. The neck also has lymph nodes and holds plenty of tension, so let's head there. Begin with a hand palm-down on your chest, then lightly pull the hand upwards applying a little pressure along the way. Once you reach the chin, gently push a little beyond it. Swap hands and repeat a few times. Don’t forget to keep breathing.

Our best face massage creams

The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

Oils of Life™ Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

This is our special little pot of heaven just for your gorgeous visage – a face massage oil so light and dreamy you can use it every day. It’s particularly partial to being massaged with upwards strokes, and perfectly partners with one of our massage gadgets. You’ll feel a deeper hydration and get that fresh, just back from a light-jog look, without the jog bit.

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Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate

Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate

We think of youth as more of an attitude than an age. And our Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate has a 99% natural-origin formula at its core. Massage a couple of drops into skin every day to leave it feeling hydrated with 24hr moisture. Enriched with edelweiss extract, this gorgeous lightweight, fast-absorbing serum gives skin a happy-looking glow.

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Our best face rollers and accessories

Woman using facial stimulator

Facial Stimulator

Fancy mixing it up with a dynamic little addition to your skincare routine? This clever little gadget helps you massage to stimulate blood flow and the absorption of your moisturiser, helping your natural glow see the light of day. Always roll in upward strokes to massage away any overnight puffiness. Did we mention how amazing the little nodules feel on your face too? You gotta feel it to believe it.

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Woman using facial roller

Revitalising Facial Roller

Why not add a little sophistication to your face game? Try our Revitalising Facial Roller for clever dual action. This elegant face roller works on all your pressure points, helping relieve tension. As with our Facial Roller, use in upwards movements so massage can help reduce puffiness. Try with your favourite face oil, working it deep into the skin to help reveal a more fresh-looking radiant you.

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The Body Shop Precision Eye Roller

Revitalising Precision Eye Roller

And now to the windows to your soul, your eyes. All beautiful peepers deserve some TLC, so try our Revitalising Precision Eye Roller. It’s a clever multi-tasking gadget with a spatula for eye cream on one end, and a specialist little ball on the other end. Pop one of our cooling eye creams under your eyes and start gently massaging to help reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes.

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What do face rollers do?

Face rollers are good for helping with under-eye circles, wrinkles, acne, and helping skincare products absorb more easily into the skin.

Face Stimulator


This clever little gadget helps you massage which stimulates blood flow. This assists with the absorption of your moisturiser, helping your natural glow see the light of day.

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Face Roller


This elegant face roller works on all your pressure points, with the massage of upwards movements helping to reduce puffiness.

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Eye Roller


It’s a clever multi-tasker, with a spatula for eye cream on one end, and a specialist little ball on the other. Pop one of our cooling eye creams under your eyes and start to gently massage for that revitalised feeling.

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How to use a face roller

Nothing beats a good technique, and in this case, it’s your complexion that will thank you for it. To get the best out of your new glow-enhancing gadget, try our step-by-step guide on how to work-up your face workout.

But first, some necessary prep: cleanse with your favourite oil, after applying serum or cream – but don’t let it dry. Why not pop your roller in the fridge for extra coooolness while you do it?

3 steps to using a face roller

Step one: Gently does it

Using an upward stroke, start at your chin, gently glide along your jawbone and up towards your ear. Repeat on each side.

Step two: Cheeks and temples

Glide to your cheeks and roll up your cheekbones towards your temples. Repeat on each side.

Step three: Heads up

Move to the tip of your eyebrow arch and gently roll up towards your hairline. Make your way from one side of your forehead to the other, before switching it up and rolling across in a horizontal sweep, and repeat.

Woman using facial liquid peel

Face relaxation techniques

Feeling the strain? Let’s face it, anything worthwhile usually takes effort and a fair amount of sacrifice, and tension can really start to build up if we’re not harnessing the right amount of self-care. We need to let ourselves off the hook every now and then, and chill. A face massage works wonders to help relieve tension, but if you need to help your brain and body slow down after a hard day’s graft, here are some more stress-busting tips to help you turbo-boost your all-about-me time.

Breathing. Remember that? That amazing thing that we started doing the moment we came out of our mum’s tum and what has been fuelling everything from our memory to our ability to wake up and get going in the morning, not to mention putting a happy-glow into our complexion. It’s a dull fact that so many of us forget to breathe properly during the day, hunched over computers or taking ridiculously shallow breaths as we focus-focus-focus on other things.

So, this is your breathing wake up call. You can go all yogi-at-home and bring some breathing techniques from the mat to your living room. There’s a centuries-old tool box right there, everything from breath-of-fire to alternate-nostril-breathing. The idea is you expel deoxygenated air and fill up on freshly oxygenated air, whilst getting your blood pumping with a heart and lung work out.

Or, the non-yogi version. Lie down. Shut your eyes, pop on an eye mask for extra calm, then put one hand on your chest and one hand on your tummy and just breathe. Focus on filling each with air. Ten minutes here and the world may seem like a tranquil place once more.