Terms & Conditions Subscriptions

Subscribing to products

  • When placing an order on our website, you may choose to subscribe to receive all or part of your order at a recurring frequency specified by you. The pricing of this initial order is calculated using on-site promotions only, and no subscription discount is given on the first order, although you may benefit from other promotions on the site.
  • You require a The Body Shop account to use our Subscription service.
  • Your initial order is bound by the same terms and conditions as described above in the section ‘Ordering Products’.
  • When you select to subscribe to one or more products, we will tokenise your payment card for the purpose of ongoing payment.
  • When you place your order for subscription then you will be notified of a discount you will receive on each subscription order. This discount will be fixed at the time you placed your first order, and will not change for the duration of your subscription, even if the discount advertised on the website changes.
  • Every time your subscription is due, we will send an email in advance of your order being processed, detailing what we are sending and the price. The price of the product may have changed from when you initially subscribed.
  • If one or more product is out of stock when your subscription is due, we will only send and charge for products that are in stock.
  • If one of the products in your subscription has been discontinued, then we will cancel your entire subscription and let you know.
  • Subscription is only available on selected products.
  • Delivery on your subscription will be using our cheapest delivery method, which will cost the same as advertised on our website (currently super saver delivery free on all orders over £30*). If you meet the subscription free delivery threshold advertised at the time you placed the order, then delivery will not be changed. All subsequent subscription orders over £20 will then qualify for free delivery.
  • Your subscription will continue at your selected frequency until it is cancelled. You can cancel your subscription by logging into your account. Cancellation will not affect any orders that have already been despatched.

Amending your subscription

  • There is a delivery threshold on your order and your order is amended to below the value to trigger the threshold then the delivery will be charged
  • You can amend your subscription any time before the delivery date stated on your order details page
  • You can change your payment card, frequency next due date, frequency, remove or amend the quantity of product. You will be unable to add products to an existing subscription and will need to create a new subscription.
  • The due date on your subscriptions details represents the date the subscription will be sent to our warehouse for fulfilment, and not the date of delivery

We may change the terms of subscription by posting updated Terms on our website. Your continued participation in the subscription constitutes your acceptance of those changes. If you do not agree with any of the changes, please  cancel your subscription