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Not that you’d ever play favourites, but sometimes when you’re onto a good thing you want to keep that feeling going. Easily done with our naturally inspired ranges. Each one champions a powerhouse ingredient – a quite literal force of nature. Get into heavy-duty hydration with our bestselling Hemp body care range, enriched with hemp seed oil from France and designed to quench thirsty skin from tip to toe. Wondering about haircare? Try the scalp-soothing touch of our Ginger range for the ultimate shampoo and conditioner combo for dry scalps. As for your skin, our Drops of Youth™ range is all about fresher, healthier-looking skin, enriched with plant stems cells, while the Vitamin E range is iconic skincare that offers simple hydration, for all skin types. Pick your team and slather, smooth and scrub away. Every body welcome.

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Nail it with our Almond range of hand care products. High five to happy hands!

Almond Milk and Honey

Dry skin dialling a moisture helpline? Our Almond Milk and Honey range is formulated with you in mind.


Say Aloe to your new skincare saviour. Our Aloe skincare range is quite the smooth soother.


Our Arber range is sure to have you out the door with a fresh-and-ready scent.


Avo-go and explore our avocado range, made with sustainably sourced Hass avocado oil from South Africa.


Get ready to go bananas for our banana haircare range. Add shampoos, conditioners and masks to your haircare routine.


Feeling calm? This sweet, easy-going fragrance has notes of strawberry, peony and cruelty-free musk. Bring some serious serenity to your day.

British Rose

Elegantly scented, just like a rose garden, our British Rose collection is blooming marvellous.


Because leaving your makeup on is never a good thing, our Camomile range is here to help.


Say yes to carrots in your skincare routine. Shop our vegan Carrot skincare range and reveal those plant based powers.


Our CBD skincare range helps to restore your skin’s moisture levels and leave dehydrated skin feeling smoothed with a gentle glow.


Heard the hype? For oily, congested or blemished skin, shop our Himalayan Charcoal range.


Whether you’re feeling happy, calm, free, vibrant or slightly rebellious, express your unique energy every day through our new fragrance collection.


Shop our range of luxurious Coconut products. Beauty products, fragrances, body care, haircare and more. Go loco for the coconuts!

Coconut Bronze

Glow all-year-round with Coconut Bronze, our vegan bronzing range enriched with Community Fair Trade coconut from Samoa.

Drops of Light™

Look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with our Drops of Light™ range. Shop our cleanser, day cream and more.

Drops Of Youth™

Celebrate your skin with our Drops of Youth™ range – sheet masks, face creams, cleansers and more.


Introducing your dream haircare team – our zingy Ginger haircare range. We love this knobbly root for a good reason.


Spark (and spritz) some happiness with this bestselling blend. It has sweet, delicate notes of Japanese cherry blossom, osmanthus and sandalwood that radiate joy.


Hello, hydration. Our Hemp products are here to help dry skin, lips, hands and feet with long-lasting hydration.


Shop our Kistna range. A refreshing balance of citrus and spice, it’s a go to range for all modern gents.


Feel clean and confident head-to-toe with our purifying and protecting Lemon range


Soak, scrub, scent and more with our luxurious Mango range. Juicy, sweet and quite the treat.

Maca Root

Shop our Maca Root for Men's skincare and grooming range. No matter what facial topiary you’re going for, we’ve got you covered.


Shop our Moringa fragrance, bath and body care range. We’re mad about moringa, and you will soon be too!

Oils Of Life™

Three precious seed oils enrich our Oils Of Life™ skincare range – all in the name of radiance.


Shop our Olive range and indulge in oily, rich, skin-loving goodness.


Meet our Peppermint footcare range – shop foot scrubs, lotions and sprays to give your feet some much needed TLC.

Pink Grapefruit

Refresh your senses with the sweet zest of pink grapefruit body care products made for everything part of you, from your pout to your pins.


Embrace your defiant side with this heady floral scent - with unruly notes of rose absolute, saffron and amber. It’s also vegan.

Roots of Strength™

Say ‘so long’ to dull skin when you tap into our Roots of Strength™skincare created just for mature skin.


Match your zest for life with the fresh zing of Satsuma body care products – from Satsuma Energising Body Butter to Body Mist.


Peeps with a combo of oily and dryer skin, say ahoy to our beautifully balancing seaweed skincare range.

Shea Butter

Cocoon yourself in 72 nutty hours of moisturisation with our Shea butter range of body care and hair care products.


Meet our best protection ever, helping protect the future of your skin and prevent premature ageing.


From lips to limbs, layer up the unmistakable scent and delight in the juicy joy of our strawberry beauty products.

Tea Tree

From cleansers to masks and tea tree oil-infused makeup, go all in with our Tea Tree skincare for help reaching clearer-looking skin.


A bold and bright citrussy blend of bergamot, magnolia and lily of the valley with an uplifting scent to help you shine. If you love fruity and floral fragrances, then get spritzing.

Vitamin C

Get your radiance crown on with our glow-boosting vitamin C skincare range. From washes to moisturisers – smile from head to toe.

Vitamin E

Our iconic vitamin E skincare range of head-to-toe moisturising marvels will help your skin hold on to hydration, staying soft and supple.


Help bring balance to your mind and body with our new Wellness range, designed to help you recharge, reconnect and re-energise.


Feel free with this liberating vegan blend. With floral and creamy notes of Indian jasmine, violet leaf and white iris. Free your wild side.

White Musk®

Let your nose be seduced by our legendary White Musk® fragrance range with warm floral notes and fresh earthy tones.

White Musk® Flora

Open your windows and let spring be in the air with the assistance of our delectable White Musk® Flora fragrance range.

White Musk® For Men

Boost your charm to new heights with our cruelty-free musk, lavender, geranium and sandalwood White Musk® For Men range.