How to apply foundation

Choose the best concealer & find flawless skin with five simple steps

Dreaming of a life filled with flawless skin? Well, it can happen. To begin you need to understand your skin type and choose the right product to bring a touch of TLC into your skincare routine.

It’s not just about how you cleanse, clean and clear. For everyday skin to be proud of it can be down to choosing the right concealer for any blemishes, understanding the best dark circle discguises, and applying foundation that suits your skin tone. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

A good skin day in five easy steps

Creating a flawless finish with your make-up doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to find the right products for your specific skin tone. That’s why we decided to create all our make-up at The Body Shop with your individual needs in mind.

To get your skin looking and feeling fresh in no time at all, these five easy steps are all you need. We’ve also included some essential tips to enhance your finish at home and when you step out the house.

Step One – Start with a blank canvas

No matter how hard you work in finding the right shade and adding a little colour to your cheeks, it will only look as good as the skin underneath. That means you need to start with the right skincare routine for the needs of your face.

Before you apply any foundation, you'll want to ensure your pores are clear. A warm shower always helps to open your pores while the right cleanser or scrub, such as our Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash helps remove impurities and excess oil.

The next step is to combine with a facial buffer to gently cleanse and exfoliate, sweeping away any dead skin cells that may cause your foundation to appear flaky and uneven. A little moisturiser like our Aloe Soothing Day Cream will then be ideal to make sure your skin is prepped and ready to go.

Our insider tip for cleansing your skin If your skin is a little on the sensitive side, opt for a cleanser that is dermatologically tested and clinically proven to be suitable for sensitive skin, like those found in our Aloe range.

Step Two - Find your foundation shade

Foundation is the perfect solution for covering up any of your unwanted skin imperfections while providing you with a smoother-looking base for other make-up. Before you begin, you'll need to choose a foundation colour that ideally matches your skin tone.

Our Fresh Nude Foundation is the perfect product for a good skin day. It will help you achieve a fresh-faced look while nourishing your skin thanks to its unique formula that's been enriched with rose water and SPF15.

By providing a semi-matte finish, our Fresh Nude Foundation mimics the look of natural and glowing skin. It also comes in 16 different shades with names inspired by places from around the world. This means you can find a near-perfect match for your skin tone while taking an exciting journey across the globe.

Why choose our Fresh Nude Foundation?

1. It gives you a natural-looking, glowing finish: The blend of high purity pigments in our Fresh Nude Foundation helps to fade out imperfections without giving you a mask effect.

2. It offers 24hr fresh moisture: Thanks to its specially selected ingredients, including rose water and 100% organic aloe vera, our foundation keeps your skin moisturised all day long while still letting it breathe.

3. It comes in true to skin shades: Finding your perfect match couldn't be easier as our foundation is available in not one but 16 unique semi-matte shades. They can help mimic the fresh natural skin tone of any complexion type.

Our insider tip for applying foundation: Blending in your foundation for a smoother-looking, barely-there appearance can be tricky without the right applicator. We recommend using our #1 best-selling brush which has super-soft bristles in a flat tapered shape to give you precise and easy application as well as an even, natural-looking finish – plus it's 100% vegan!

Step Three - Not, quite right? Adjust the colour

Everyone's skin tone is unique and sometimes a standard foundation shade isn't quite right. Luckily, we've developed our Shade Adjusting Drops that let you transform an 'almost right' shade into your perfect one. They allow you to tailor-make your foundation, ensuring you never have to settle for 'almost right' ever again.

Here's how you can do it: Our Shade Adjusting Drops will revolutionise your make-up routine. They can transform your imperfect foundation shade with just one drop, and they come in both light and dark tones.

For Light to Medium Skin:If you have light to medium skin, your normal foundation shade might sometimes look too dark or too orange. To make it a perfect match, add a lightening drop. They contain white and pink pigments that will help to lighten and neutralise the yellowness in your foundation.

For Dark to Deep Skin: If you have dark to deep skin, your foundation shade might look too light or ashy. You can make it a perfect match by adding a darkening drop. They're formulated with black and red pigments that will darken your foundation while maintaining a rich tone.

How to use

Using our incredible shade adjusting drops couldn't be easier. All you need to do is:

1. Apply the 'almost there' shade of foundation on the back of your hand.
2. Add one drop of the dark or light shade adjuster to the foundation. One drop will take your foundation half a shade lighter or darker.
3. Mix both products together with your finger, adding more drops one at a time if needed to get the colour just right.
4. Test the colour on a clear patch of skin on the back of your hand. If it's right, start applying it on your face with a good brush.

Remember your skin won't stay exactly the same shade throughout the year. If your skin tone changes with the seasons, our Shade Adjusting Drops will help you simply and quickly adjust the colour of your foundation for a faultless finish whatever the time of year.

Our insider tips for finding the right tone:

It's not just about your face
Don't forget your neck. When applying foundation, it's so important to make sure you blend it seamlessly over your neck too, accounting for the difference in tone. Your neck may well be lighter than your face. Our Shade Adjusting Drops will help you find the perfect in-between tone to match both your face and neck.

Don't forget natural light
When getting the tone just right, natural light is essential. If you're just relying on the artificial light of your bathroom or bedroom, there's no guarantee the colour will be exactly right when you step outside – where it's most important. Either make sure you get some natural light into the room when applying or check it in the light before you make your way out.

Step Four - Use concealer to cover up stubborn blemishes and dark circles

After applying your foundation, sometimes you're not always 100% happy with how it looks. Tiny blemishes and imperfections will probably never be noticed, but if you know they're there, your skin just may not feel quite how you want it to.

A little bit of concealer always goes a long way. It's also one of the best camouflages for dark circles as it tends to provide better coverage than foundation on stubborn areas. Understanding how to match concealer to your skin tone is the same as choosing your foundation shade. Find a shade that you think looks right and apply a dab of it to the back of your hand. If it blends in nicely to the natural colour of your skin, it's most likely a good match.

Stick or liquid – how to choose the right concealer

Step Five - Add some colour to your cheeks

Once you've got faultless coverage from your foundation and concealer, it's all about adding a touch of extra glow to your fresh nude look with a refreshing wash of colour. Then you'll have a healthy-looking flawless glow.

Our superfine
All-In-One Cheek Colour powder blushers come in several gorgeous shades that will instantly give you a cheek-glowing radiance. They're all infused with vitamin E and Community Trade marula-marl-oil too.

You should apply blusher a little bit at a time to try and maintain a natural look. For the best results, our All-In-One Cheek Colour powders should be applied using a round tipped, 100% vegan, Blusher Brush that's soft and supple enough to gradually blend the powder into your skin.

Our insider tips for foundation & concealer touch-ups:

Never forget your foundation
Sometimes a touch up is an essential before you leave the house or while you're out. Just don't forget your foundation. When touching up your eye shadow for example, use a tissue taped to your face or a shadow shield to give your base make-up the essential protection it needs. You don't want any excess fallout from eye shadow to ruin the flawless base you've spent so long creating.

Remember, stunning skin can be closer than you think. With the right products and the right application, you'll find that flawless finish.