Do you enrich or exploit?


The ability to drive positive change really is in our hands. Small everyday choices we make can help protect and enrich this beautiful, crazy world we live in.

Why It's In Our Hands

Whether it’s meat-free Mondays to help reduce greenhouse gasses, using an eco re-useable cup when buying your morning coffee to help reduce landfill or volunteering to help others in your local community, we can all help to protect and enrich the planet and its people. United, we’re stronger. Watch the video to find out more.

Become An Activist

The ability to drive positive change really is in our hands.
Embrace your inner activist and join The Body Shop #INOURHANDS movement; tag us in your #INOURHANDS moments on Twitter.

Meet our activists


“Daily activism goes a long way, what we buy, say and do. We can all be activists.”
"I support mental health awareness, human rights and the environment, and I see these areas as intrinsically linked to the wider umbrella of 'social justice’. This has led me to the believe that supporting social justice in all its forms is essential, not only for a fairer present and future, but any future on this planet."


”We need to talk now, about the way we want to live on our planet to ensure a better future."
"I am an artivist, raising social, ecological and economic questions through my work. I believe that everyone has the power to activate the artist inside, creating something with your hands is a healing experience. Dancing, weaving, singing, painting, doodling… I encourage everybody to create something each day!"


“We’re in this together, it’s in our hands. Through preservation, innovation and recycling we can tackle climate change.”
"I am an environmentalist. I believe we can only solve the problem of wastage and landfill by taking action to preserve and regenerate what we already have. Anyone can help this cause by opting to embrace at least one new change in their lives that helps the environment, such as recycling."


“We need to do whatever it takes to reverse the damage and spread the word of change.”
”I am a volunteer board member for a charitable organisation called Project-0. In a nutshell, our focus is saving the ocean and ensuring 30% of the ocean is under marine protection by 2030. I support this cause because I've always had a love and fascination for Mother Nature and now she’s genuinely in trouble I want to do everything in my power to help and protect her."


“We need to stand together and force change to end women’s suffering globally.”
"I’m an intersectional feminist, I recognise that women around the world face different battles every day for their equality. Feminism is simply a movement which strives to attain gender equality. We still have a long way to go in achieving that. You can help by getting involved in anything from protests to volunteering to taking part in community projects that seek to empower women and marginalised groups."


“We need to educate everyone, particularly the sceptics, about the personal and local benefits of sustainability.”
”I believe in bringing sustainable development to the forefront of everybody’s development, from insisting that corporations are environmentally conscious to everyday actions on an individual level. I try to encourage educating everyone about the ways in which they can contribute to sustainable development, whether it’s eating vegan for three days a week or giving support to eco-friendly companies."