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I paid using PayPal, how can I get a refund?

If you paid by PayPal, in order to receive a refund you need to return your products either to a The Body Shop International Limited owned store or to head office. Your refund will be issued by our customer care team and funds will be back in your account within 3 to 5 working days (depending on your bank).

As long as your product is unopened you can return your item within 14 days. If your product is opened and unsuitable, you can return your item within 28 days for a full refund.

If returning to store (please note your products can only be returned in the same country they were purchased) please make sure you have both your delivery documentation and your despatch email with you. If both these documents are not presented the store will not be able to process your refund for you.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the procedure for The Body Shop® International Limited owned stores only. For franchise stores please visit your local franchise store to find our their policy.


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