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Can I bring my empty bottles back to store to recycle?

Yes you can! We've partnered with recycling industry pioneers, TerraCycle, to facilitate this scheme which forms part of our larger commitment as a brand to reduce our impact on the environment. The scheme is super simple and based on the principles of return, recycle and repeat.

All you have to do is:

  1. Find your local participating store
  2. Speak to a member of staff if you want to return & recycle our empty packaging.
  3. Put our empty packaging in the bin. TerraCycle collect, recycle & repurpose it.
  4. Love Your Body™ Club members will receive a reward worth £5 in the UK from Thursday 9th May 2019 until Friday 31st  October 2019, when they return any 5 of our empty bottles, tubs, tubes or pots.

Any cosmetics brand packaging is welcome (excluding packaging branded as flammable or hazardous, gift packaging and accessories). However, we will only incentivize returned packaging from our brand.

What happens next? TerraCycle will collect the empty packaging from store and then process and sort it by hand at a local distribution centre. Where possible, packaging will be recycled, however any packaging that is not currently recycled within the specific market conditions, will be repurposed into consumer goods such as park benches or plastic watering cans.

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