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Which products are accepted in your Return. Recycle. Repeat scheme?

You may take any empty, clean cosmetics packaging (bottles, tubs, tubes or pots) into participating stores to be recycled by The Body Shop under the scheme.

The real benefit of the TerraCycle scheme is that we can recycle almost all packaging (excluding flammable or hazardous packaging due to health and safety in transport, gift packaging as well as accessories) and repurpose any packaging that cannot be recycled into new consumer goods such as park benches or watering cans.

TerraCycle do not accept packaging identified as flammable or hazardous due to the health and safety concerns in the transportation of these products. Most gift packaging is made of cardboard and can easily be recycled at home with our brand accessories being able to be used on average over a longer period of time than a product packaging. We are looking at ways of expanding the scheme to be more inclusive of all packaging within our portfolio.

Find out more and check for your nearest participating store.

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