Coconut Oil Uses for hair

Here’s how you should be using coconut oil on your hair

A little bit of love from some coconut oil goes a long way for your hair.

Coconut oil is amazing. We can’t get enough of it. You can cook with it, moisturise with it and use it to make your hair look more glossy, shiny and tangle free.

If you’re looking to bring one of nature’s wonder oils into your daily haircare routine, here are just a few of the ways you should be using coconut oil.

Condition it – leaving hair silky and smooth

Coconut oil can be an excellent conditioner for all types of hair, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. The important thing to know about coconut oil is that it helps to retain moisture. When used on your hair, it therefore keeps it looking well moisturised, shiny and silky. It also conditions, protecting your hair from the environment.

You can use as leave in-conditioner or benefit from the conditioning properties of Coconut Oil Hair Shine.

Remember whenever using coconut oil to condition your hair, less is more and a little always goes a long way.

Repairing it – leaving locks strong and nourished

Dry ends can be replenished and strengthened with the simple application of coconut oil either before you wash your hair or by leaving it on overnight. Research has shown that coconut oil reduces protein loss from your hair ensuring it receives adequate nourishment and stays strong.

That means split ends will be a thing of the past as your hair retains its natural strength and suppleness.

Our Coconut Oil Nourishing Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil is ideal to help your hair look stronger, smoother and softer. Simply apply to your dry and split ends before washing.

Tame those loose ends

There’s nothing quite as annoying as flyaway hair that just has a mind of its own. A little love from coconut oil will have them more tamed, under control and looking better than ever.

With our Coconut Oil Nourishing Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil you can condition your hair, tackle any pesky flyaways as well as making your locks shiny, smooth and strong.


Coconut oil has been used on skin and hair for thousands of years and it’s one of our favourite ingredients!

Known and loved as a multi-purpose, moisture-rich wonder ingredient and one of best-selling ranges, our Coconut body care contains cold-pressed Community Trade virgin organic coconut oil, sourced from the sunshine shores of Samoa.

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