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Christmassy Hair Wrap

Christmas giftPerfect for stuffing stockings

Christmassy Hair Wrap
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What does it do for you ?

Dry hair fuss-free with our Christmassy Hair Wrap.

Get those lovely locks drying naturally. It absorbs moisture and keeps tresses tamed while you’re cleansing, moisturising, masking or getting ready for the next party. Wrap, twist and you’re good to go.

This is the perfect stocking filler or a little treat for your bestie.

  • Hair wrap
  • Perfect for secret Santa or stuffing into someone’s stocking
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How to use

  1. Tip your head forward.
  2. Lay the hair wrap at the nape of your neck.
  3. Twist it at the forehead.
  4. Tuck.
  5. You’re good to go.

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