In 1978 we established our first Franchise partnership, the beginning of a valued global Franchise Community, which has expanded over the last 40 years, establishing The Body Shop as one of the largest cosmetics and toiletries retailers in the world.

The Body Shop is a B Corp certified global beauty brand and the first with 100% vegan product formulations certified by The Vegan Society.

The Body Shop operates around 2,500 retail locations in more than 80 countries and has over 30 Head Franchise Partners across Europe, Middle East & Africa, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region, trading in 70 of The Body Shop markets around the world.


Head Franchise

We partner with passionate retailers who are not only experts in their markets, but who also share in our purpose of nurturing a better way of doing business, through beauty, relationships and community engagement.


Sub Franchise

We also partner with smaller retailers, who are equally passionate, but looking to trade on smaller, single-store scale.