How to help look after dry feet

Discover how to look after your feet and keep them in tip top condition

Of all the body parts, it’s your feet that probably take the most punishment. From squeezing them into high heels for nights out and pounding the pavements on the way to work, to getting them all hot and sweaty when you’re exercising, they work hard and don’t get much love in return.

It’s important to look after our feet and show them some love. They carry us, after all. Having dry skin on your heels or soles might become painful and cause other problems (not to mention it’s not pretty during sandal season).

What causes dry skin on feet?

More factors than you might think contribute towards the skin on your feet becoming dry and cracked. Keep an eye out for these:

Changing seasons
The time of year can have a big effect on your feet. While winter is the most common time for drier skin, your feet can also get particularly dry in the summer. If you’re on holiday somewhere hot and spend a lot of time showering and swimming in pools, exposure to chemicals can easily dehydrate your skin.

Long hot baths or showers
We love a soak in the tub,, but baths can quickly dry the skin out – so can turning your shower up to the hottest temperature. This is because warmer water opens up the pores, and could remove many of the natural oils in our skin that we need to keep it healthy and nourished.

Harsh soaps
Using harsh soaps with drying ingredients can cause problems for your skin, too, especially if you scrub too hard. While it may be tempting to scrub your feet with a strong soap to get rid of dirt and bacteria, try and be gentle. It’s much better to rub them gently with a soothing product that won’t wear away the skin or remove its natural oils.

Bad shoes
Feet carry us, and they deserve good shoes. Not providing your feet with properly supportive footwear means rubbing, blisters and other painful damage – a recipe for unhappy feet. This can cause the skin to heal over with scabs and loose skin, which can all contribute to drier, unhealthy-looking feet (it’s a good excuse to buy new shoes, anyway).

Lack of moisturiser
We’re obsessed with skincare, and we moisturise the skin on our hands and body, but our poor feet often get overlooked on the moisture front.. You may not think much about moisturising the bottoms and heels of your hands and feet, but regular moisturising can make them feel and look healthier and more hydrated. Slather some on before bed, pop on a pair of socks and wake up to softer-feeling skin.

Regular exercise
Did you know all those exercise classes can actually have a negative effect on your feet? All that excess strain, knocks, bumps, and impact your feet are subjected to can make them become rough, callused and dry. Runners in particular need to pay extra love and attention to your hardworking feet.

Helping dry skin on your feet

It’s no wonder that having dry skin on your feet can be such a common complaint – and a potentially painful one too! Don’t panic – we’ve got plenty of handy tips for keeping your feet looking and feeling their best without much effort required.

With a bit of regular TLC and the right choice of products, you can keep dry/cracked skin under control.

So we know what causes dry feet – let’s delve deeper into the world of foot care and find out exactly how you can look after your hardworking feet. We’ll also run through which of our foot care products to use to keep them nourished and in tip top condition.

Firstly, what foot pedicure tools will you need?

To give the skin on your feet the treatment it truly deserves, it’s worth investing in some great tools.

This will include getting a foot file to help remove loose skin, a buffer to aid in smoothing it and some soft socks for those times when they need an intensive moisturising treatment.

Eight top tips for caring for your feet

Once you’ve got the right tools on hand to file, buff and moisturise your feet to perfection, you can get started on caring for and pampering them with our six easy tips:

1. File it away
As with so many things, prevention is usually better than cure - and this is very true of your dry feet. A regular filing routine with a specialised hands and foot file for feet will really help by removing dead skin from your soles and heels before it has a chance to harden, dry out and crack.

2. Sock it to them Bed socks might sound like something your granny would wear, but as far as dry feet remedies go, they’re pretty hard to beat. The first step is to apply a moisturiser or foot cream before you go to bed.

Our Hemp Hard Working Foot Protector helps restore moisture levels and hydrate ultra-dry skin, while our Peppermint Intensive Cooling Foot Rescue comes to the rescue for tired and dry feet. Then simply slip on a pair of comfy bed socks or a pair of our organic cotton Moisture Socks to wake up to moisturised skin.

3. A little soak goes a long way
Although relaxing in the bath for too long can actually cause the skin on your feet to become dry, cracked and parched, a ten minute foot soak in lukewarm water with just a few drops of fresh lemon juice can actually be an excellent treat for your dry feet. This is because lemon juice is a mild acid that helps to dissolve dead and dry skin for easy removal with a gentle foot brush or our Spoon Foot File.

4. Not so hot
While soaking your feet in warm water can do wonders for their circulation, regularly using water that is very hot can actually harm them by contributing to the dryness of the skin on your heels and soles. Use lukewarm water instead and avoid saunas and steam baths as much as possible. It’s also worth remembering to moisturise your feet after each shower or bath, or whenever they come into contact with water.

5. Dry with care
Vigorously rubbing your feet, or in fact any part of your body, with a towel when you come out of the bath or shower will create friction and can often damage more delicate skin. Instead, gently pat the skin on your feet dry when you are finished washing them.

6. Soothe tired feet
Don’t worry if you’re on your feet a lot – it's easy to give feet a refreshing treat. All you need to do is apply a cooling cream for tired feet that has been expertly formulated to hydrate skin.
Our Peppermint Intensive Cooling Foot Rescue, infused with Community Trade peppermint oil, provides expert care for active feet. It always comes to the rescue.

7. Don’t forget your nails
Taking care of your feet includes your toenails – they can also become dry and brittle if they’re not given any love and attention.

Give them a pedicure every so often which should include making sure you keep them neat and short by filing or clipping them, and removing any dead skin around your cuticles.

What about avoiding smelly feet?

While having very dry feet isn’t pleasant, it’s easily helped and prevented. The same goes for smelly feet, thanks to our fresh-scented foot care ranges. Our Peppermint products have a stimulating scent that will leave your feet feeling and smelling refreshed.

Making sure you avoid smelly feet is also down to your routine. After exercise or walking (particularly in hot weather, when you sweat more than usual), you should always try to wash them in warm water. Make sure you clean in between your toes to remove any bacteria that can cause bad odours or even harmful infections.

Pamper your feet with our Hemp and Peppermint ranges

Spending a little bit of time pampering your feet every so often will go a long way to help improve their overall health and appearance. It couldn’t be easier to do either - but you’ll need to choose the right products to really make a difference.

Our foot care ranges have been specifically designed to tackle rough and dry skin by scrubbing and softening the feet, with the help of some naturally-derived ingredients. These include:

Hemp seed oil

This miracle worker oil is sourced from the hemp plant, and is packed with compounds that help make it effective for dry skin.

Products containing hemp seed oil work wonders on dry feet, as they’re rich in the same essential fatty acids that are present in skin lipids.

Our Hemp Hard Working Foot Protector is ideal for those days when your feet need a little extra love. It’s ultra-hydrating and comes infused with Community Trade hemp seed oil sustainably sourced from France.


Peppermint is a popular oil to use when it comes to caring for your feet, thanks to the cooling sensation it leaves on the skin.

Using a peppermint-enriched moisturiser, like the ones in our pampering Peppermint foot care range, can help you keep your feet feeling on top form. Every item in the range has been expertly crafted using Community Trade peppermint essence oil from Norfolk, England.

Our Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion is ideal for everyday use after showering or bathing to pamper active feet. Our Peppermint Reviving Pumice Foot Scrub, with exfoliating volcanic rock granules, and our Peppermint Intensive Cooling Foot Rescue are great for those times when your feet are in need of some extra TLC.

A quick spritz with our Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray helps keep feet feeling cooled and refreshed on a hot summer’s day and feels amazing after a workout.

Explore our complete range of foot care products .