The Best Body Oils & How To Use

Discover our 4 top tips for using body oils and discover the right oils to suit your needs

When you’re feeling tired and your body is craving a bit of pampering, it’s a sure sign that you should take a little time and treat yourself. Discover the best oils for your body needs to help fast-track yourself tranquility.

The best body oil for your skin needs

Combating dry skin can be pretty tricky, especially after the winter months when it’s been freezing cold! We have lots of body moisturisers that can help dry skin from a Body Butter to a Lotion and Sorbet. However, one of the best ways to target particularly dry spots such as knees and elbows is with a few drops of a body oil. Our Moringa Beautifying Oil is highly nourishing and moisturises, smoothes & illuminates skin. Plus you can use it on your hair too - it’s a win win!

The relaxing powers of lavender are legendary - its naturally calming scent promotes well-being and helps de-stress body and mind. Discover our French Lavender Massage Oil with lavender oil from the south of France. After applying to your body, finish by adding a few extra drops to your pulse points to continue to relax your mind and body.

Empower your skin, body and mind to feel confident in your natural curves. Get firmer-looking skin, targeting your legs, bum, tummy and arms with the Spa of the World™ Thai Makrut Lie Firming Oil , a unique body oil infused with zingy makrut lime. 85% agreed that skin looks and feels firmer (User trial on 107 week after 4 weeks).

A busy, hectic life can leave you feeling like you need a little relaxation time! Feeling fun down or sluggish, use our Spa of the World™ Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil to invigorate mind and body. “Thai lemongrass has been enjoyed for centuries in the Far East for its aromatic scent and been revered for traditional uplifting aromatherapy benefits.” - Jennifer Hirsch, Beauty Botanist for The Body Shop.

Our 4 top tips for using body oils

Step 1


To reap the rewards of using a body oil, it’s best to prepare your skin first. Use a body exfoliator to remove dead skin cells leaving your body ready for the next step, moisturisation.

Step 2


Place the oil into the palm of your hand, or onto the body part you’re applying it to. Then massage in circular motions over the affected area until it’s full absorbed.

Step 3


Whether you’re moisturising a particular dry spot, or using a firming oil to focus on the arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. Make sure you’re targeting the right places for you.

Step 4


Use an accessory for a better application of your chosen body oil. For example our Total Body Massager can be used all over the body to help release muscle tension and aid relaxation.


Smooth one of our best body oils onto wet or dry skin to moisturise and illuminate. Target very dry areas to instantly hydrate. For a little treat try our best oils for the body from our Spa of the World™ Range.


Use as part of your manicure regime to target the cuticles to prevent drying or splitting.


For a spa experience at home give yourself a home facial with one of our oils for a truly pampering treat. Massage a small amount onto your face to moisturise. Try adding Tea Tree oil directly to your face to treat and target blemishes.


Run a small amount of oil through your hair before shampoo and onto damp hair for a conditioning boost. Warm up the oil to create a hot oil hair treatment. Use on dry hair to smooth and add shine as a finishing serum.


Best body oils

Discover some of our best body oils

Experience the ultimate body ritual with some of our best body oils within our Spa of the World™ range.



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