Period products are not cheap and for anyone menstruating they are an absolute necessity. Sadly, the reality is that many people living in the UK are unable to afford them and for those living in poverty they can be forced to use socks stuffed with tissues, toilet paper and old scraps of fabric or nothing at all. Period products should not be an unattainable luxury.

We believe that menstrual care is a basic human right. Period. No-one should have to face the distressing, monthly burden of not having access to products due to their financial situation. That’s why we launched a Period Product Donation initiative in May 2019 in a number of our stores and The Body Shop At Home network to help create a sustainable flow of menstrual protection for those who can’t afford it.

Bloody Good Period

We teamed up with Bloody Good Period, a registered charity who provide menstrual supplies to asylum seekers, refugees and those who can't afford them. Gabby Edlin founded Bloody Good Period when she realised that food banks and drop in centres were not supplying menstrual products in the quantity or at the frequency that is required by a menstruator living in poverty i.e every month, several products a day and most were not thinking to supply them at all.

We’ve come along way since our project started including a donation of 10,000 packs of period product from The Body Shop at Home and providing funding for three Bloody Good Education programmes.

“The Body Shop kindly provided much needed funds in order for us to pilot and launch our education programme, Bloody Good Education - a service which provides menstrual and sexual education to asylum seekers and refugees. “ GABBY EDLIN, CEO & FOUNDER OF BLOODY GOOD PERIOD


We thank you to everyone who donated in our stores, your efforts make a big difference. Right now, our stores are closed but there are other ways you can continue to support during this time of need.

Periods don’t pause, even in an unprecedented global crisis. Bloody Good Period are working around the clock to get essential period products out to those who need them. Since lockdown began, the team have distributed thousands of products to foodbanks, refuges, projects supporting asylum seekers and refugees, a domestic abuse charity, a group helping ex-offenders, individuals pushed into financial difficulty and poverty by the pandemic, and to NHS staff on the frontline.

Gabby Edlin, founder and CEO of Bloody Good Period, commented: “The panic buying of pads and tampons just goes to show how essential these items are to women and people who menstruate. But vulnerable groups, including asylum seekers who receive only £37.75 per week to live on, are already struggling to access what they need – you can’t bulk buy anything on £37.75. And we’re hearing, more and more, of NHS workers also not being able to get the products they need – because they’re too overworked to make it to shops, or because supplies are out of stock.

We will need to replenish period supplies frequently, and we are also incurring additional costs because we need to deliver products directly to people in isolation. If you are able to, please donate to help us get period essentials out to those who need them.”

The link to donate is:

Bloody Good Period is currently a project of Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action (CIVA) Centre For Innovation In Voluntary Action Registered charity number 1122095