Sourced from Mañán since 2016

Our Community Trade organic almond oil is sustainably sourced from Mañán in Alicante, Spain. We’ve worked with Mañán since 2016, and they’re known as ‘The Almond Experts’ for good reason. They provide much-needed stability for the cooperative of local, small-scale farmers who extract our skin-quenching oil using low-intensity farming methods, respecting local environmental issues including water shortages. They also use broken nuts that aren’t sold for food and turn unwanted almond husks into compost to help minimize waste. The almond plantations also help wildlife like bees to flourish and, amazingly, protect natural habitats from forest fires.


Enrich our products

Our Almond Milk & Honey range is enriched with high-quality organic almond oil, known for its skin-loving properties and for being rich in vitamin E.

Enrich our people

Mañán works with a cooperative of local farmers and sets a market price, offering much-needed stability for small-scale farmers.

Enrich our planet

Our almonds are grown organically in the Alicante region of Spain. Farms act as home to wildlife including bees. Amazingly, almond plantations make effective fire barriers, helping to protect natural habitats from forest fires.