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Olive Shower Gel

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Olive Shower Gel 250 ML
"Olive shower gel is awesome, leaves your skin soft and clean with a gentle refreshing fragrance."
What does it do for you ?

Transport your body to the Mediterrean for a freshly-scented, invigorating wake-up shower with our Olive Shower Gel, where skin is left feeling naturally cleansed and seductively soft.

If getting started in the morning feels like hard work, just whisk yourself off to the rolling hills of Italy and breathe in the olive groves. When you hop into the shower with The Body Shop Olive Shower Gel your nose will help you get there. Infused with Community Fair Trade organic olive oil from Italy, every refreshing squirt helps you come to life with a huge Italian-vibes smile. And we think that’s a rather inspiring way to start the day. Whatever challenge the day holds can wait until after your body and your mind have had a precious moment together to enjoy all that nature gifts us in the way of olive oil shower gel.

The Body Shop shower gels are much more than just a quick wash-and-go, with naturally inspired ingredients and sensuous scents, you can start or end the day in whatever good mood you choose.

  • Enriched with Community Fair Trade organic olive oil from Italy
  • Say ‘buongiorno’ to a refreshing shower gel
  • Nose-perking fresh Mediterranean fragrance
  • Cleanses skin with a naturally rich lather(28)
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Olive Shower Gel

How to use

  1. Imagine olive trees all around your shower (or bath) and lovingly squeeze out a dollop of our Olive Shower Gel.
  2. Take a satisfying sniff and then work between your hands into a rich lather.
  3. Smooth over limbs and limber up with big swirling movements, start to feel Mediterranean vibes pulsing through your body and mind.
  4. Rinse like you mean it - and get ready to own the day.

For more olive infused richness, massage dollop of Olive Nourishing Body Butter into your skin after you’ve shimmied and showered.

Community Fair Trade organic olive oil

Liquid gold for your skin (and your salad)

Just ask our friends in the Mediterranean about olive oil – this skin-softener’s been used for thousands of years to take care of skin. It’s one of the reasons it’s known as the ‘liquid gold’ of the Med.

The olives that make the oil in our products are indigenous to the Cilento National Park in Campania, Italy. The farmers employed by our Community Fair Trade partners, Nuovo Cilento Cooperative, hand-harvest the olives using traditional techniques that are handed down to younger generations.

The olives are then cold-pressed to extract high-quality oil. The method is organic, and no pesticides are used. The olive husks are even reused as fertiliser, returning nutrients to the soil of the groves.

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We’ve worked with Nuovo Cilento Cooperative since 2000. The partnership has a positive impact on job opportunities in this rural area, where there’s a risk of unemployment and migration.

67 Reviews

4.8 / 5
70% would recommend this to a friend


Freshen up

Olive Shower Gel

Posted date: April 2019
Olive shower gel is awesome, leaves your skin soft and clean with a gentle refreshing fragrance.
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Wonderful summer scent

Olive Shower Gel

Muskoka girl
Skin Type: Very Dry
Age: Over 45
Time using product: 1 month
Posted date: February 2021
Great for hot summer days, very moisturizing
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Olive Shower Gel

Skin Type: Normal
Time using product: 1+ year(s)
Posted date: December 2020
My Favourite Body Wash EVER! Amazing smell and lusciously sudsy
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