Skin Types

Want to know more about your skin type? Or not sure what your skin type is and how to care for it? Scroll down to find out what the different skin types are, causes and remedies


Skincare for all skin types

Get to know different skin types and how to care for them all in one place.

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What is normal skin?

Find out the characteristics of normal skin type and the ideal skincare routine for treating it.

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Dry skin causes and remedies

Dry skin is typically tight and can feel itchy. Learn the main causes and how to keep your skin hydrated.

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Deydrated skin

Dehydrated skin and dry skin are in fact different. Learn the difference and how to treat dehydrated skin.

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Sensitive skin

Learn everything you need to know about sensitive skin. From causes, symptoms and products to help

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What is oily skin?

What is oily skin? Our expert guide takes you through tips, tricks and skincare picks tailored to oily skin.

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What is combination skin?

Noticed you have two different face textures? You might have combination skin. Learn more in our expert guide.

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