The Body Shop product reviews (Omnibus policy)

\We know that product reviews left by our customers are important because they help to inform other customers’ purchases. That’s why we take steps to help ensure that the product reviews left on our website are authentic and are written by genuine customers.

Authenticating reviews

Reviews are left by our customers in two ways. When a customer makes a purchase through our online store, they may be asked to leave a review after they’ve had time to try the product out. Alternatively, customers can leave a review at any time via the product pages of our website. Customers must log into their accounts to leave a review, helping us ensure that they’re real people and not bots, and they’re also asked to confirm that their review is genuine before they submit it.

We also ask our customers to be upfront about the fact they received the product for free, if this is the case.

Whilst we take reasonable and proportionate steps to ensure that reviews left by customers are authentic, we cannot completely rule out the chance that false reviews may be submitted.

Content moderation

All reviews left by our customers are independently moderated by our review partner, Bazaarvoice. Bazaarvoice use fraud detection technologies as well as analysis by their staff when monitoring reviews.

We publish all reviews left by our customers as long as they are relevant and appropriate. We may reject a review if it breaches our moderation guidelines. This may happen if, for example, a review includes inappropriate or abusive content.

We’ll never reject a customer’s review solely on the basis of a low star rating or a negative sentiment, and we don’t edit or correct customer reviews, so the words you see are their own.