Coconut Bronze

Glow all-year-round with Coconut Bronze, our vegan bronzing range enriched with Community Fair Trade coconut from Samoa. Our self-tanning heroes are super easy to apply and add radiance to every complexion (even post-holiday glows). Let your skin soak up our Coconut Bronze Gradual Tan Lotion for an all-over sun-kissed look. Achieve fresh-off-the-beach cheekbones even when it’s raining outside with our Coconut Bronze Glow Powder. Or choose our Coconut Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil to add subtle luminosity to your skin. With fresh-feeling hydration and a coconutty scent, Coconut Bronze will make your skin feel like it’s on its very own holiday.

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Coconut Bronze™ Glistening Glow Powder
Shimmering bronzer & highlighter
Coconut Bronze Matte Bronzing Powder
From 9 G
Coconut Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil
For a tan-enhancing glow
Coconut Bronze Glowing Wash-Off Tan
Subtly shimmering summer glow
Coconut Bronze Gradual Tan Lotion
Streak-free and transfer-proof
Showing 5 of 5 Products