Love Your Body™ Club

Our exclusive loyalty club that comes with great perks.

Welcome to The Club! Our loyalty programme lets you earn points and enjoy rewards every time you shop, so it’s always a win-win when you’re in The Club.

LYBC Hard Loyalty Card


Once you’ve joined, earn points every time you spend, and watch the exclusive treats start rolling in. As a Club member, you'll receive 1 point for every $1 spent in store or online, and we’ll reward you with $5 when you've reached 100 points.

*T&Cs apply.


Once you’ve earned your vouchers, you can spend them online, in store or you can donate then to one of our charity partners. Vouchers are valid for three months and can be spent on any product from The Body Shop you fancy.*

Spending in store? Tell a member of staff when you purchase. Online shopping? Login to your account at checkout and select Use My Reward on the payment page during checkout.

Donating your vouchers? Login to your account, select the rewards tab and click the donate button on your active reward. Reward donations can only be made online and you can donate any number of active rewards.

*T&Cs apply.


As member of The Club, you’ll receive an exclusive $10 voucher on your birthday, which you can donate, spend online or spend in store. Forgotten to give us your date of birth? Don’t worry, you can update it on your account anytime. Your birthday voucher is valid for one month. Spending in store? Tell a member of staff you’ve got a birthday voucher to spend.

Online shopping? Login to your account and select Use My Reward on the payment guide during check out.

Donate: Login to your account, select donate on the rewards and follow the step by step instructions.


  1. Be In The Know

We’ll keep you up to date with our latest news, products and exclusive offers when you opt into our marketing communication. Plus, you’ll be invited to exclusive events and be given the chance to review the newest products.

2. Club member exclusive

As a loyal member, you’ll be invited to events that include personal consultations with experts and special member-only offers.

3. VIP events

We’ll invite a selection of our most loyal Club members to exclusive pampering evenings, new product sneak-peeks and VIP only shopping experiences.

4. Try it first

Your opinion matters. As a Club member you’ll get exclusive access to our newest products, and you’ll get the opportunity to give an honest review.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about the Love Your Body™ Club, please see our frequently asked questions or terms & conditions.