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Nourishing, Floral & Fruity Body Butter Trio

Body care gift setFloral and fruity fragrance

Nourishing, Floral & Fruity Body Butter Trio
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What does it do for you ?

Give your skin some serious TLC with our Nourishing, Floral & Fruity Body Butter Trio.

Slather on a dollop of our moisturising Body Butter, massaging into the skin so it feels smoother, softer and intensely nourished. Take in that comforting fragrance. Made with handcrafted Community Fair trade shea butter from Ghana, it leaves skin feeling silky and supple.

This sweet treat makes the perfect little gift for any occasion.

  • British Rose Body Butter 50ml
  • Strawberry Body Butter 50ml
  • Shea Body Butter 50ml
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Nourishing, Floral & Fruity Body Butter Trio

How to use

  1. After lathering up in the bath or shower and towelling skin dry, slather a buttery dollop of our body moisturiser into your skin.
  2. Don’t be shy applying a little bit more to extra-dry nooks and crannies like heels, elbows, knees and hands.
  3. Give it a few minutes to sink in before getting dressed.Use as part of your daily body care routine.Try it with our Shea butter body care and haircare routine.

How to use

  1. Feeling fruity? Scoop out a small amount of our Strawberry Softening Body Butter.
  2. Smooth it all over and massage it into your skin in circular motions. Be sure to give those extra dry bits some more love.
  3. Give it a minute to absorb and let the scent of strawberry fields fill the room.

Community Fair Trade shea butter

Intensely nourishing for dry skin and hair

Shea butter has been used for generations to help Ghanaian women protect their skin from the dry Saharan winds. Its rich texture and high fat content makes it intensely moisturising, which is good for skin and good for the community. Every 200ml tub of Shea Body Butter is packed with the butter of 36 shea nuts. It’s a lot. We counted.

We’ve been working with Tungteiya Women’s Shea Butter Association in Ghana for over 25 years. Over 600 women from the association use traditional techniques handed down through generations to handcraft the shea butter that fills our favourite Body Butters.

It was our founder, Anita Roddick, who started this partnership, and it’s something we’re really proud of.

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Shea butter Shea nuts
Women working with shea butter

Our trade provides a fair price and financial independence for the women. We also pay a premium to invest in community projects, and today over 45,000 people benefit from the social fund – including healthcare, sanitation and education projects.