Hydration in 15 seconds?

How Our Body Yogurt Ingredients Work!

What is a Body Yogurt?

Our 100% Vegan Body Yogurts were formulated to address your day to day hydration concerns. You’ve let us know that daily moisturising can be just too time consuming, and, as a result, is often skipped. Getting optimal hydration often means rich products and time spent waiting around for them to absorb, only for a sticky residue to be left behind. Despite your soft, moisturised skin, this sticky residue can make getting dressed and out the door on time almost impossible. We took your feedback on-board to produce our gel-cream Body Yogurt formula that is fast absorbing, and leaves absolutely no greasy feeling behind. Focusing on lightweight, but powerful, ingredients, the almond milk yogurt blend provides the long-lasting hydration of our Body Butters, but with none of the absorption downtime. While Body Butters are always our go to for a long, luxurious pampering session, they’re not always practical for everyday use. Our Body Yogurt’s lightweight formula on the other hand, gives your skin 48-hour hydration and absorbs in just 15 seconds! Discover more about how our Body Yogurt benefits differ from our Body Butter formula here.

But what is a Body Yogurt?

A blend of almond milk, natural fruit extract and flower waters, our Body Yogurt ingredients are a combination of eco-sourced flavours and skin softening ingredients with feather-light, naturally occurring hydration heavyweights. These 100% Vegan Body Yogurt ingredients are combined in a way that allows for up to 48-hour hydration, and residue free absorption in 15 seconds!

How were Body Yogurt ingredients chosen?

In our quest to find the perfect combination of lightweight texture and lasting hydration, without animal products or sticky residue, we trialled many yogurt ingredients. Based on your moisturising concerns, our criteria were simple: Deliver moisture throughout the day, provide a lightweight texture without compromising hydration and no residue left behind! Through careful testing, our Body Yogurt for dry skin was formulated with optimal combinations of gentle ingredients that soften and hydrate skin, into a gel-cream texture that doesn’t leave residue. We sourced ingredients that occur naturally, including incredible, moisture attracting ingredients that can hold up to 1000 times their weight in water! All our Body Yogurt flavours provide rapid and long lasting hydration using a formula packed full of these natural moisture-attracting humectants, including biofermented Hyaluronic Acid and vegetable-derived Glycerin. When applied as part of a moisturiser, humectants act as a magnet for moisture, drawing hydration from the atmosphere to your skin, requiring minimal product weight to deliver maximum moisture. The perfect Body Yogurt ingredient, these natural properties mean that your Body Yogurt is still working to give you healthy, hydrated skin even after application.

How do Body Yogurt ingredients work?

Hyaluronic acid sounds intimidating but is an essential and natural component of keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. It helps maintain moisture levels and reduces water loss. The amount of Hyaluronic Acid in our skin lessens through time. Topical top ups can give your body a helping hand to maintain moisture, especially in combination with Body Yogurt’s almond milk yogurt. As it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, a little Hyaluronic Acid goes a long way, so you’ll be hydrated with no heavy residue. Hyaluronic Acid works in combination with another important humectant – vegetable-derived Glycerin. As well as drawing moisture to the outer layers of your skin, Glycerin creates a lightweight protective barrier, invisible to the touch, which prevents your skin from drying out any further. This dual prevention and treatment benefit means Glycerin is a powerful ingredient to combat dry, dehydrated skin. In every Body Yogurt, our blend of hydration works to deliver 48-hour moisture to your skin, and never feels heavy.

How are Body Yogurt ingredients sourced?

Each and every Body Yogurt product is 100% Vegan and produced using Community Trade focused and sustainable ingredients. All our Body Yogurt flavours are made in keeping with our eco-friendly and sustainable production principles, using a variety of natural Fair Trade fruit and flower essences to create fresh scents and soft textures. Produced with a variety of natural, vegan yogurt ingredients, our Body Yogurts use ingredients that help support global communities. Three communities who have contributed to our Body Yogurts include: 1. Alicante, Spain The almond milk used as a base for our 100% Vegan Body Yogurts is Community Trade sourced from local, small-scale farmers in Alicante, Spain. These farmers use low impact, eco-friendly farming methods, and only broken nuts that have not been sold for food. This provides an economically and environmentally sustainable base for our fast hydrating Body Yogurt products. 2. Rwanda Our Moringa Body Yogurt has been created with a blend of natural flower waters, made from from handpicked flower pod essence by the Asili Co-operative in Rwanda. Though working with the Asili Co-operative, farmers have access to a stable market to sell their produce and support their family. 3. Castle Farm, Bath UK Though the Body Yogurt formula is brand new, we have also made sure all your favourite flavours are still available. A much-loved scent since its introduction, our British Rose Body Yogurt is blended with rose essence from organically grown, hand-picked and air dried flowers. Farmed in a way that promotes a variety of species, and a thriving bee population, our rose suppliers, use techniques that are the key to pollination and their eco-systems continued survival! Each of these yogurt ingredients are produced and contributes to a community in a sustainable, eco-conscious manner. So our Body Yogurt hydrates your skin without costing the earth.