Banana Bath Blend

For dry skinFruity scent

Banana Bath Blend 200ml
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  • Velvety bubble bath
  • Dry skin feels hydrated, nourished and comforted
  • Blended with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Enriched with coconut oil, avocado oil and banana puree made from second-choice wonky bananas
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Banana Bath Blend

How to use

You choose.

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Run a hot bath and pour around a quarter of the bottle of Bath Blend straight under the running water.
  3. Give it a good stir with your hand and enjoy.
  4. Or hop in the shower and use as your regular shower cream.

Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil

A legendary moisturiser for dry skin

Coconut oil has always been a bit of a wonder oil, and has been moisturising skin, hair and bodies forever.

Our coconuts come from the shores of Samoa. Coconut harvesting is a family business here, involving multiple generations. It helps everyone benefit from the island’s resources, following the island’s ethos of Fa’a Samoa – ‘The Samoan Way’.

Coconuts are gathered up, hand-cracked, pressed and filtered to release pure, high-quality oil.

Each coconut is picked for its ‘good smile’ – meaning, our local experts can tell from the look of the shell whether it’s good quality and ready to harvest. They’re grown and wild-harvested without chemicals, so we can guarantee the oil is organic.

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Coconut broken open The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter tub on sink
Person breaking open coconuts

Our Community Fair Trade supplier, Women in Business Development Inc., help families to create a sustainable income by using Samoa’s rich natural resources. They’ve won awards and gained global recognition for their brilliant work.


3.3 / 5


Perfect for bath or shower

Banana Bath Blend

Age: 16 - 25
Time using product: 1+ month(s)
Makes your bath smell amazing and makes your skin feel so soft! Smells just like a banana smoothie too. I've also used it as a shower cream and it feels so good and moisturising on my skin, leaving me feel moisturised straight out of the shower!
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disapointed not enough bubbles

Banana Bath Blend

Although my skin felt soft after using the new bubble bath, it made the water look very un-appealing to go in and mostly the bubbles was lacking terribly as bubble bath suppose to be as described bubbles! Once I got in none at was left!
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Not worth the $

Banana Bath Blend

This is nice enough, but I don’t think it’s worth the price. It does foam and make your skin soft, but the scent isn’t amazing. Just a vague fake banana smell. Overall the bath bombs are much better
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