Work in Pride Charter

We believe equality is a human right.

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What we're doing

We have always stood up for equality and believe that everyone has a vital role to play in reducing exclusion and discrimination – particularly against communities who face extra barriers in many areas of life. We have created a Work In Pride Charter to formally establish our support for LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace. To make sure that everyone can be seen and be heard in their most comfortable and authentic light whilst at work.

We know that where people feel able to be themselves, they feel better and perform better. Where people can be their authentic selves, they are more likely to raise their voices and to participate in the important conversations that lead to long term and needed, positive societal change.

Our dream is to see other businesses around the world follow suit, so have made our Charter available to download and share below.


“Be yourself in your entirety, you have every right to take up space, so own it!”

Karina Hunter, Drama Teacher

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Workplace discrimination

We conducted a survey to discover the reality of workplace discrimination across the UK and found:

  • More than a third (35%) of the LGBTQ+ community feared being accepted in the workplace with nearly half (49%) confessing to dressing differently to ‘fit in’ and be accepted at work.
  • Nearly a quarter (22%) of LGBTQ+ employees felt their careers have been impacted in a variety of ways due to their personal preferences, including receiving less support from senior staff and delays in getting a promotion.
  • Just under a third (30%) of the community revealed they either know someone or have personally experienced workplace bullying due to expressing their true selves.

“My identity transcends employment, and my skills and talent transcend my personal identity”

Keane Spenle, Marketing Assistant at The Body Shop

Rich Watkins, Freelancer

“Pride is about community, but it begins within. Love yourself. I take pride in my authentic self so that I can bring that pride into the world.”

Rich Watkins, Freelancer

Our guiding principles

We celebrate the diversity of individual expression.

We recognize and respect the gender identity and gender expression of all of our trans and non-binary colleagues.

We know that people feel better and also perform better when they can be their truest selves.


“Don’t dim your light. Live a life showing your authentic self and never hide your beauty away, because the world deserves to see it!”

Arian Humirang, Reception & Concierge Manager