Open Hiring Fair Hiring Policies for Diversity at The Body Shop


A hiring practice that's fair and inclusive to all.


The Body Shop is implementing a hiring practice that’s fair and inclusive to all candidates. When applying, applicants are asked three simple questions, and all candidates are then selected in order of application date, with the earliest application selected first. Following the online application process, the applicant is invited for an in-person discussion with the Store Manager. This meeting is not an interview. During the discussion, the candidates are informed of the inherent requirements of the role, given a brief brand history, as well as overall responsibilities. If the candidate is able to fulfil the inherent requirements of the role, they secure the job. Successful candidates will then join The Body Shop’s best practice onboarding process, covering an array of product, customer service and soft skills training.

"A highlight was hiring someone who was visually impaired and getting to learn from them."

Store Manager, The Body Shop

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Why does The Body Shop use Open Hiring to recruit and retain talent?

The Body Shop is committed to creating a work environment that is open, trustworthy and honest. We focus on a person’s potential rather than their history, making work more accessible for those who may have been excluded from the opportunity for employment. In keeping with our purpose to fight for a fairer and more beautiful world, we believe that business should be a force for good; Open Hiring helps fulfill our equity strategy by supporting social equality in the communities where we operate.

To date, our Open Hiring approach has helped The Body Shop gain qualified and loyal employees, connecting passionate candidates to invaluable experience within a purposeful work environment.

“It was a really great feeling to not feel like I was going to be surveyed or screened in detail because that can feel intimidating. Sometimes anxiety gets the best of me and I trip over words, but this method of hiring was not as intimidating and made me feel more confident.”

Retail employee, The Body Shop

TBS Store staff

How Open Hiring Works

The first candidate to apply is the first candidate to get the opportunity. If a candidate doesn’t have access to a computer, they can inquire to access a company laptop or visit one of our community partners.

When recruiting, hiring managers will select the first candidate on the list (in order of application date) and select them for an in-person chat. During the chat, the candidates are informed of open positions, company history, and roles and responsibilities. From there, interested candidates will be asked three simple questions to confirm they’re eligible and physically able to fulfil the role:

-Are you legally authorized to work in Australia?

-Can you lift up to 11kgs and work an eight-hour shift in one day?

-Are you happy to work with customers? (not a disqualifier)

Our mission is to replace scrutiny with trust, focusing on a person’s potential rather than their history.

“Very few places are willing to hire someone who is fat, trans and disabled. The Body Shop saw my potential and allowed me to flourish.”

Retail employee, The Body Shop

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In line with the company’s inclusive hiring policy, The Body Shop Australia is working with charity partners Launch Housing, Little Dreamers and Good Shepherd, and APM Employment Services in Australia to encourage those who have traditionally faced barriers to employment to apply. These include those who have experienced homelessness, single parents, young carers and First Nations Australians.

“The Body Shop looks at people for who they are and not what they’ve done. To get a second chance gives you a reason to come to work.“

Distribution center employee, The Body Shop

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How do I apply to work with The Body Shop?

If you want to work with us as a Christmas Casual in store this year, access our Careers page to apply.