The Body Shop Ukraine

We stand with Ukraine

The Body Shop collective are shocked and saddened to see war coming back to Europe. Russia’s act of aggression is unacceptable and is a direct violation of the universal human rights the world has fought so hard to protect and preserve. People of the world must unite; governments must act and stand together in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Our thoughts remain firmly with all those affected by the conflict, especially our friends and their families from The Body Shop Ukraine. Stay safe, you are in our hearts and minds and we are thinking of you.

Around the world, The Body Shop is taking action to support the victims in Ukraine. In some countries, The Body Shop are calling for governments to do more to protect refugees; in others we are supporting peaceful protests; we have made a donation of US $100,000 for emergency relief and we will continue to support appeals from organisations including the Red Cross, UNHCR, Plan International, Malteser International and Kvinna till Kvinna; we will also supply our own products, other goods and clothes in areas where this is possible. Please check with The Body Shop in your country for more information.

We add our voice to the millions around the world calling for peace.

The Body Shop has been trading in Russia, through a local franchisee for over 15 years. Stores and e-commerce operations in Russia are being suspended. Our franchise partner will provide support to colleagues in Russia who depend on The Body Shop for their livelihood.

In addition to the US $100,000 donation from The Body Shop towards humanitarian aid, The Body Shop collective around the world are working together and supporting the crisis in many ways, including:


The Body Shop Australia & New Zealand is matching donations up to $10,000 AUD to UNHCR, with the aim of raising $20,000 to support their on the ground efforts supporting refugees fleeing Ukraine. With your help, UNHCR can continue their vital work in providing urgently needed shelter, food, health, water, sanitation and cash assistance to those displaced.

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In the UK, we've made a company donation of £25,000 to British Red Cross. We're also supporting British Red Cross in stores and encouraging customers to round up their purchases and transfer their LYBC loyalty vouchers to a donation. So far our customer's have raised £57,000.


The Body Shop Sweden is supporting Kvinna till Kvinna (an organization focusing on women affected by war and conflict). They are prompting customers to round up their purchases and transfer their LYBC vouchers to a donation, and are matching all customers donations, with a cap of 50,000 SEK.


The Body Shop Denmark is supporting Plan International (PlanBørnefonden) and is likewise prompting customers to round up their purchases and transfer their LYBC loyalty vouchers to a donation. They are matching all customers' donations, with a cap of 20,000 DKK


Both The Body Shop Finland and Switzerland are supporting Red Cross and prompting customers to donate.


The Body Shop Hungary is supporting Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta (Malteser International) and is providing space in stores to collect donations of in-demand goods for Ukrainian refugees.


The Body Shop Georgia is donating product to victims of the conflict and showing solidarity with Ukraine by colleagues wearing Ukraine badges and displaying Ukrainian flags.


The Body Shop Germany is accepting customer donations to UNHCR on e-commerce. In stores, they are collecting donations of small sizes of in-demand goods for Ukrainian refugees. On International Women's Day (8 March) they will be matching customers' product donations.


Across The Body Shop Baltics Cluster (Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia) the markets are supporting their local Red Cross Chapters and local NGOs - making a donation of €15,000, across the three markets. Each market is also donating ‘self care packages’ to refugees of Ukraine through local NGOs and all stores are showing their support for Ukraine by displaying the Ukraine flag in stores.

Spain & Portugal

The Body Shop Iberia we have made a €5,000 donation to Plan International and we are inviting our customers to donate their LYBC vouchers to Plan International/ Red Cross.

North America

In the US and Canada, we’ve donated $50,000 to UNHCR to support the organizations refugee efforts in Ukraine.




We’ve got some brilliant news: The Body Shop has now officially joined the Natura family! Natura is Brazil’s number one cosmetics company and will be a great fit to nurture our brand. They are against animal testing and have been a true leader in ethics and sustainability since they were founded in 1969.

Natura has shared our ethical vision from across the globe for over 40 years and now we are working together. We’re looking forward to a bright future and this inspiring new chapter.

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Our Forever Against Animal Testing campaign launched in June, and we have been continuing our long and passionate fight alongside Cruelty Free International to end animal testing in cosmetic products and ingredients. The support from animal lovers across the world has been fantastic, and in just over 2 months we’ve already collected over an amazing 2 MILLION signatures towards our 8 million target!

We’re very proud that so many of you have joined our campaign already by signing our petition, posting photos on social media with pets, friends and positive messages. You’ve all helped bring us one step closer to ending animal testing in cosmetics for good!

We have 6 million signatures to go: get involved, sign the petition and share with your friends here!

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JUNE 2017


Since the 1980s, The Body Shop, along with partner Cruelty Free International, has campaigned to end animal testing in cosmetics. And together we contributed to UK and EU bans, but as 80% of countries still don’t have any laws against animal testing in cosmetics, there’s still work to be done.

Animal testing on cosmetic products and ingredients remains a problem around the world and animals continue to suffer! Approximately 500,000 animals are used in cruel tests for cosmetics purposes every year.

In our new Forever Against Animal Testing campaign, we’re teaming up with Cruelty Free International again to call for a total ban on animal testing in cosmetic products and ingredients, everywhere and forever. To achieve this, we will take 8 million signatures to the UN and call for an international convention that will standardise laws. Only then will there be a harmonised global ban on animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients, ensuring animal testing cannot be moved from country to country.

It’s an ambitious target but one we are determined to reach to end this everywhere and forever. With reliable and more accurate alternatives now available, there is no need or excuse for animal testing in cosmetics.

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MARCH 2017


For the first time in Europe, the UK parliament passed the Modern Slavery Act in 2015. Designed to tackle slavery and human trafficking in the UK, the Act introduces tougher penalties and sentences for slavery and trafficking offences. It also requires UK businesses to publish a slavery and human trafficking statement to ensure transparency within supply chains.

The Body Shop has always believed in business as a force for good. We passionately believe that our supply chain should be free from exploitation and discrimination where workers can enjoy freedom and security. That’s why, in 1998, we co-founded a leading ethical trade programme - the Ethical Trade Initiative - with other like-minded companies, voluntary organisations and trade unions. This means we only trade with suppliers who meet our strict Ethical Trade standards.

In line with our Ethical Trade policy and the new Modern Slavery Act, The Body Shop has published its own Modern Slavery Statement. In it we outline our long-standing commitment to preventing modern slavery across our company and supply chain. To achieve this we have developed a programme with a range of stakeholders that identifies issues relating to modern slavery in our business and supply chain, and addresses the root causes of labour abuses. We want to do everything in our power to end modern slavery.

Read our statement here



At the end of last year The Body Shop opened a brand new £1m beauty innovation hub in East Croydon, London, bringing the latest cosmetic innovations to our product development and ultimately to our customers.

Based at our global headquarters, our new state of the art laboratory will see marketing, sustainable sourcing and product development teams working in partnership. We will work towards integrating all aspects of our ethical product development and sourcing, helping drive our innovation and sustainable development. Our technicians can now formulate products quicker and more effectively, creating and testing products right next to our own office.

It is an ambitious investment, but one that takes a big step towards the realisation of our Enrich Not Exploit™ Commitment to become the world’s most ethical and truly sustainable global business by 2020, specifically through helping us to reduce year on year the environmental footprint of all of our product categories. In the lab our technicians will also optimise efficiencies in our testing processes, using a unique ingredient database.

Over the next few years we look forward to seeing the impact of the lab and the many benefits it will bring!




In 2016, The Body Shop embarked on a wild challenge to raise funds to build Bio-Bridges, protecting and regenerating habitat to help endangered wildlife around the world. We’re so proud that because of our passionate customers we’ve raised funds to build an incredible 17.2 million square metres of Bio-Bridges in 2016, which, at the size of more than 2,500 football fields is more than 20% of our 2020 goal to protect 75 million square metres! Over 5 million square metres worth of these funds were raised during the festive season alone. We cannot thank you enough.

By making selected purchases at The Body Shop during our Bio-Bridges programme promotions, our customers were directly helping build Bio-Bridges, through donations from these purchases by participating The Body Shop stores. These funds will help improve endangered animals like Reggie the Red-shanked Douc, who is one of the species in Vietnam we are aiming to help protect.

Bio-Bridges is an important programme which aims to regenerate wildlife corridors within damaged landscapes to help endangered species reconnect and local communities to live more sustainably. Our partners on this project in 2016 were World Land Trust (WLT) and VietNature in Vietnam, the Orangutan Land Trust in Indonesia and Wildlife Conservation Society in Malaysia.

But The Body Shop’s commitment to protecting wildlife doesn’t stop there. By 2020, we will protect and regenerate 75 million square metres of habitat. Click below to find out more about Bio-Bridges.

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APRIL 2018


At The Body Shop, we believe it’s important to help save the world’s endangered animals before they’re gone. That’s why we’ve recently embarked on our latest Bio-Bridge adventure: helping to save Red Pandas!

Red Pandas are in desperate need of help. Listed as endangered on the IUCN list, their habitat in the Himalayan foothills is being damaged by deforestation, which is also clearing their main food source: bamboo. It’s leaving the beautiful Red Panda in a really dangerous situation.

Teaming up with Red Panda Network, The Body Shop will be reforesting core degraded habitat of the Red Panda in Nepal, by planting all the trees necessary to Red Panda’s well-being, including bamboo, so they have a safe home and lots to eat. Red Panda Network will also work with local communities, empowering them to protect Red Pandas, enhancing their lifestyle and decreasing their dependency on the forest thanks to several sustainable initiatives.

So, how can you help us? Starting this month for a period of two months (dates may vary by market), a donation from every sale of our iconic vegan Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask and NEW Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Facial Soap will be made to Red Panda Network.

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Pop in store or online now to buy yours and help us save Red Pandas!

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MAY 2018


Last month,World Retail Congress’ annual World Retail Awards took place in Madrid, Spain and we’re very proud to announce that The Body Shop has won the prestigious Responsible Retailer Initiative of the Year award for our Enrich Not ExploitTM Commitment!

Launched in 2007, the World Retail Awards have been recognising the very best retailers and retail initiatives across a range of categories for ten years.

The Responsible Retailer Initiative category recognises the values that form the cornerstone of a good business from its approach to its people, its customers, suppliers, the environment and a sustainable future. Additionally, the award goes to a company that can demonstrate they are outstanding corporate citizens and have been successful in living their company values.

Today, we still live by Anita Roddick’s philosophy that business can be a force for good. It’s our mission to be the world’s most sustainable business, and our Enrich Not ExploitTM Commitment is the first step to reaching this goal. Launched in 2016, it is comprised of 14 targets to enrich our people, planet and products, which we aim to achieve by 2020. You can find out more here

We’re looking forward to working alongside Natura &Co to reach our sustainability goals to be the best company for the planet.


JUNE 2018


Last month we released our 2017 Modern Slavery Statement. Modern slavery is still a major issue globally, and victims of modern slavery are largely invisible and silenced. The problem of modern slavery cannot be tackled alone – it can only be addressed through effective partnerships at local, national and international levels.

We first published our Modern Slavery Statement in 2016, to comply with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. Our statement outlines the steps we have taken to prevent and address all forms of modern slavery across our business globally, including within our global supply chains and across our Community Trade programme.

Some highlights from our 2017 Modern Slavery Statement are:

  • Adopting the Human Rights Due Diligence framework and identifying potential risks of modern slavery in our supply chains
  • Conducting 64 ethical audits and 36 strategic supplier visits
  • Developing project partnerships with key stakeholder including the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI), Stronger Together and the Taos Network to tackle salient labour issues and prevent modern slavery in our supply chains

Since 1976, we have always worked to be a force for good, to enrich people’s lives and prevent exploitation through our business. By helping to provide decent working conditions for people in supply chains most vulnerable to modern slavery and working to prevent it in the wider cosmetics industry, we can help stop modern slavery from taking place.

Read our 2017 Modern Slavery Statement