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Image of Deni Todorovic




My name is Deni my pronouns are they/them, I identify as non-binary and gay. I’m 32, I live at home with my parents in Geelong, I’m an Aries, my favourite pizza topping is pepperoni and I can recite 98% of Jay Z’s entire rap discography. I’m a fashion stylist, content creator and LGBTQIA+ activist who’s spent their life breaking down barriers around gender and sexuality and building up a community that uplifts and inspires others to be their true selves.


What have you been able to achieve because of self acceptance?

Achieving self acceptance has been life changing and I don’t say that lightly. Self acceptance has allowed me a freedom to be who I truly am. A freedom to exist in this world authentically and to lead with the love and empathy that I now have for myself. To educate those around me, to educate myself, to have a willingness and yearning for change.

Image of Deni Todorovis in a pink dress
Image of Deni Todorovic applying make-up

All of this comes from radical self acceptance.

Boys play soccer, they don’t dance.

Rebelling against what society told Deni they were supposed to be has made them stronger and even more fabulous.

Deni's Self Love Picks

“The following have proven incredibly beneficial to me and are tools I constantly reach out for within my own self love practice.”

Image of Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations Podcast

Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations

A podcast series I listen to weekly. Oprah Winfrey in general has really helped me through some very dark chapters of my life. Lucky for us all there is a plethora of her content all over the Internet from the decades long body of work she created on her show.

Image of Over the top - the autobiography by Jonathan Van Ness

Over The Top by Jonathan Van Ness

Over the top - the autobiography by Jonathan Van Ness changed my life, in that it so beautifully walks you through Jonathan’s journey to self love and self acceptance - flaws, trauma and all.

Image of the movie Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love

The first time I saw the film Eat Pray Love - based on the book and true life story of Elizabeth Gilbert it shook me to my core. Many times in my life when I’ve needed a refresher and a reminder of how important the journey of self discovery, self acceptance and self love is - I watch that film.

Image of RuPaul‘s Drag Race

RuPaul‘s Drag Race

Might I also suggest specifically for any queer people reading that watching RuPaul‘s drag race as a series from start to present is such an incredible case study in self love, self acceptance and the journey of that process. Each character of this decade long series is so complex, so nuanced, and has come with luggage full of trauma. RuPaul has a really beautiful way of unpacking those traumas within each challenge.