Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

For sensitive skinGently removes make-up and impuritiesVegan

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
What does it do for you ?

Makeup. It’s tough stuff – foundation, lipstick, waterproof mascara. And it gets even tougher when you try to take it off. Thankfully, our Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter can help melt away makeup and all traces of impurities.

This buttery pot of goodness makes taking your makeup off at the end of the day a bit of fun. Your favourite eyeshadow? Gone in seconds. Caked-on concealer? Yep, that too. Any attempts at winged eyeliner vanish just like that. Massage our Camomile Cleansing Butter into your skin to melt the day away.

This purifying cleanser also helps to stop those hidden nasties from clogging up your pores, and used on the reg will keep skin feeling refreshed and nourished.

We know what you’re thinking. After a long night out with a full face of makeup and a cocktail (or two), clean and clear skin is the last thing on your mind. But all of our Camomile products, and this rich cleansing butter in particular, effortlessly removes makeup in one quick step. Sorry, no excuses now!

  • A lover for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers
  • Camomile extract from Norfolk, England
  • Cleanses your skin for that fresh-faced feeling
  • Gets rid of all that stubborn makeup and grime
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Woman applying overnight serum

How to apply a face oil

So how do you slot a slinky serum and exotic oil into your skincare routine? Well, skin needs both water and oil to feel hydrated and healthy so there’s a job for both to do. But there’s a knack to getting both products to work their hardest for you. After you’ve cleansed and toned you want to pop the serum on first, a good way to do this is pat on a pea-sized blob with your fingertips and smooth out slightly rather than massage. The lightweight watery formula will sink in and get to work deep and fast, helping hydrate that healthy-goddess looking glow. Do this before using face oil or moisturiser, as these two have larger molecules and tend to lock moisture in as a protective outer layer. Oil is particularly good at nighttime as skin repairs itself and oil helps prevent dehydration as you snooze. Put 2-3 drops on to your palm and pat it on then massage in upwards strokes to your heart's content.